• A Local Internet Registry (LIR) as a member of the RIPE NCC. It is independently responsible for the administration and allocation of the address space that underpins its network.
  • The company registered by the data protection act (UK)

Data Center

  • Housed in Interxion IEC's (Internet Exchange Centers), London, England equipped with modern world-class high standard specifications.
  • Security patrols and surveillance: Fully managed and monitored around the clock by Network Operations Center staff and security personnel.
  • Redundancy at all levels
  • A state of the art systems
  • Air conditioning with n+1 redundancy, average 22C temperature
  • Fire protection inc laser smoke detection
  • Alarm installation and VESDA (very early smoke detection alarm) sensors
  • Automatic argon gas based fire suppression system
  • Water detection systems
  • 230V AC UPS Power Capacity, 2n redundant with 10 minutes autonomy
  • Raised anti-static flooring
  • Electrically grounded infrastructure
  • Lighting 400 Lux at ground Level
  • 24/7 Facility access
  • Indefinite power supplied by backup diesel generator
  • Overhead cabling
  • Network connectivity: A multi-homed and BGP routed network provided by the Level(3) and Abovenet networks. The network is fully routed and switched using Cisco Systems equipment.

Establishment: 2000

Headquarters: Central Manchester (England)

Services Offered

Dedicated server hosting, Colocation

Hosting Features

  • Servers from Dell: A mix of dual and quad Intel Xeon systems
  • Operating System: FreeBSD an advanced BSD UNIX operating system for the Intel-compatible (x86) architecture. It offers advanced networking, performance, security and compatibility features required to make an ideal Internet server. Furthermore provides robust network services, even under the heaviest of loads. It uses memory efficiently to maintain good response times for hundreds, or even thousands, of simultaneous user processes.

What for Customers?

  • Affordable, reliable and professional wide range of hosting services
  • Leverages the power and stability of open source software

Support: 24.7.365 by skilled engineers