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Key Selling Points: Cloud Computing and web hosting specialist

Data Center


CEO: Angus MacSween
Sales Director: Rob Grimshaw
Managing Director, SystemsUp: Nick Martin

No. of Employees: 380 staff


Services Offered

Digital transformation consultancy SystemsUp, the managed cloud services professional company

It is Iomart Group Plc. Delivers Cloud Consultancy as Technology Transformation Partner and digital transformation engagements in the public and private sectors.


Premium Clients: Skyscanner, Stagecoach and Wheatley Group

Customers: high-profile government departments, FTSE 100 and global blue-chip companies, to smaller specialist organizations and application vendors across all markets


What for Customers?

Uptime: 100% SLA, the services engineered to ensure no single point of failure.

Support: 24.7.365 by dedicated technical and service teams

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