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SEO Video Hosting

SEO Video Hosting

SEO Video Hosting is not a very common concept, and that’s why most of the time people ask, “How Videos can be hosted for the purpose of SEO”, and as usual answer is missing.
May be, this article will help you to answer this question.
Let’s see..
The way of hosting the videos for the SEO purposes depends on the content style and what is the objective behind that. As, all the situations have a nuanced approach, explain by the company’s marketing objectives and client base.
As each Web hosting solution have their own benefits and limitations, make all of them suitable for the various aspects of SEO.

What can be the approaches to Video SEO

From the SEO perspective, the three primary functions for the video are;

  1. Assigning ranks, handling traffic and conversions

There are so many SEO’s who wish to increase the ranking and click via rate with snippets in organic SERP’s at the time of improving the conversions with a well-designed video by which product can be shown at its best.

What is the best location for the Videos

Videos must be placed on a web page which has the maximum chances of receiving a video rich snippet. In order to know, how much video results are viable, see them via SERPs to know which of the rich snippets are returned currently. If any term includes the keywords like test, review, tutorial, video, demonstration, how to, rich snippets will be returned.
Web pages which are having a variety of other types of media are found good for placing the videos. Diverse and rich pages mostly get a good rank and improve the rate of conversion. Web videos are the most popular way of overwhelming the information, but it is not liked by all. If your page has more pictures, text or diverse media content, then it must appear to the potential clients and algorithms both.
One video is sufficient per page.

What about Video Hosting

There are two options for Video hosting. First, either host your videos at your own using your own servers or alternatively, a Cloud solution like Amazon S3 can be used. It can be a safe and reliable hosting solution for which you paid like Wistia, Vzaar, Vimeo Pro and Brightcove. And if self-hosting, JW Player, Video JS and Kaltura HTML5 players can be used. Make sure, when videos are exporting, bitrates will be low, as it keeps the cost of bandwidth less. It is suggested not to host the videos at YouTube or Vimeo.

What must be taken care of while Embedding

Content must be embedded inside of your own domain.
In order to index the videos, content must be embedded in HTML5 Player with a pure Flash Player, Flash fallback.

Sitemap of Video

In order to submit a Video XML sitemap to the Webmaster tools of Google, length of video must be <30 seconds as it generate the rich snippets and must be informative too.

2. Videos for Links

Videos are linked by people mostly in two ways, first they link to the page that has a video on and secondly, content embedded by them at their own website or blog.
Make sure that content is embedded in a large frame on a page of big size and not in any corner. Otherwise, visitors just visit and go, without having any look on it. Location of the content must be that where it is clearly visible and have a good internal linking structure.
Now either self-host your content or make use of a third party solution to get good results and rich snippets and allow the video to be accessible over the web. If the name of the video is not created yet, then create a CNAME for them. Now, put some social share buttons as plugins on the side or below the video player. Next, to embed the content, an iframe embed code must be customized for the users. Now, a Video Sitemap must be build and submit according to the rank, rich snippets, and conversion model.

3. Video for Notoriety and Brand Impressions

Generally, this approach is used when you want to viral some video for creating a brand image and make it popular everywhere. For this, it is suggested host your video on the sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion. For embedding the videos, make use of an iframe. No. of views on site increased the total no. of views on, thereby improves its ranking on site.
Now to get ‘As seen on’, attribution for videos, videos must be embedded on the page containing good and supporting images and text and which is accessible. And make sure you will get several views of video on your website. For the YouTube videos, video XML sitemap must be submitted. And content which is uploaded on YouTube must be engaging. But make sure, not put any commercial videos on YouTube as YouTube is a good option for sharing the videos which are informative or creative.

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