Company Overview : Datapipe

Datapipe Inc is an internet solutions company. is a leader in providing managed hosting solutions for complex internet needs. The company was founded in 1998 and provides IT security solutions, managed hosting services and data storage for medium sized companies to large sized companies in different industries. It`s hosting operations are handled from the state of the art data centers which are strategically located across the world. This company creates, deploys and offers management for hybrid IT solutions across multiple platforms. It also provides public and private hybrid clouds along with traditional IT solutions. The team of experienced and professional IT experts ensures that Datapipe delivers nothing short of excellent IT solutions.

  • A leader in managed cloud services for the enterprises


Founder and CEO: Robb Allen

Strategic Partners: Cisco, FreeBSD, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat, Sun, and VMware

Establishment: 1999

Services Offered

  • Delivering secure cloud solutions for enterprise applications
  • Managed services
  • Application management
  • Database administration and performance tuning,
  • Hardware provisioning, service management, and monitoring
  • Network and security management
  • Server and operating system management
  • Hosted messaging services
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Network connectivity
  • Enablement of software as a service to the independent software vendor community
  • Remote infrastructure management, storage management, and data center migration
  • Colocation services consisting of physical space in a data center, environmental controls, primary power with backup power generation, and multiple network connectivity options

Customers: Individuals, SME's, financial services, healthcare and pharmaceutical, manufacturing, state and federal governments, publishing, media and communications, business services, public sector, and technology and software

Number of Customers: 1500 is an internet solution company that was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey. This company has quite a number of data centers around the world, 2 in New Jersey, 2 in North Virginia and one in Silicon Valley. In Europe, they have 3 data centers; one in Iceland and the other two in London. In Asia, the company has 5 data centers, 2 in Shanghai, 2 in Hong Kong and another in Singapore. The company offers services such as IaaS, PaaS, and cloud computing along with colocation services.

Performance /Reliability and Uptime report offers hosting their clients’ excellent performance thanks to using the latest state of the art technologies in the industry in their data centers. They offer very reliable hosting services to clients along with 100% network uptime.

Hosting plans hosting offers a variety of hosting services from cloud hosting to IT servicesamong others.

Their cloud hosting has 3 packages; Managed Cloud for AWS package, the Stratosphere packageand Managed cloud for Microsoft. Managed Cloud for AWS further offers 3 variants, access control model, Data Pipe Cloud analytics and hybrid Cloud connect. The stratosphere package offers Stratosphere hybrid solutions and Stratosphere hosted private cloud. The managed Cloud for Microsoft Azure package on the other hand comes with Managed Private Cloud for Microsoft Azure and Managed Cloud for Microsoft Azure.

Features and control panel

The hosting services offered by come with a variety of hosting features.

Some of the features their cloud hosting services offer are Hyper-V and Microsoft Azure for Private Cloud and public cloud respectively. Other features included are migration, orchestration, scaling, monitoring, security management, and optimization with 24/7 customer support, consolidated monitoring, security management, governance and billing among many others.

The Stratosphere cloud packages comes with features such as: guest VM Operating system support, multiple storage solutions, comprehensive service management, host maintenance with live migration, Virtual Routers, Firewalls and load balancers, Hypervisor Agnostic and secure cloud deployments among many others.

Some of the security and compliance features offered by this Company cover all their hosting services. These features include intrusion detection services, patch management, VPN and Firewall services, vulnerability assessment, Malware protection, DDoS protection services, data encryption, web application Firewall, event management and continuous audit plus so many others.


  • offers very good performance and reliability of hosting services.
  • This Company employs the latest state of the art technologies in the industry in their various data centers thus delivering high-quality services.
  • This hosting company delivers 100% guaranteed network uptime to their clients.
  • They operate from many data centers so they can cater effectively to all their clients.


  • There are no discount coupons available from this Company.
  • The Company does not have a cancellation policy, therefore; clients do not get a money back guarantee.


The customer and technical support team from offer clients excellent reliability since they are available 24/7. On top of that, clients can access the support team via phone, e-mail and live chat. Customers can get further support from the company via their knowledgebase and tutorials.

Cancellation/ Refund policy hosting company does not offer their clients a money back guarantee.

Latest News

  • (July 13, 2017) The local version of Azure cloud service: The company announced to sell through the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program on Azure Government.

Conclusion offers excellence in terms of the performance and reliability of their hosting services. Their feature-rich hosting and state of the art technologies also add to the reliability of their hosting.