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Latest News And Web Hosting Review Tilaa Overview

Tilaa is a cloud hosting provider, specialized in providing infrastructure as a service (iaas). was started in 2008 with a vision of providing everyone simple and fast cloud hosting and VPS services according to everyone’s need. The hosting provided by them is very safe and secure.

VPS hosting in Tilaa

We can buy a VPS hosting at tilaa by choosing our own requirement. We can decide how much memory we want, how much storage we want, what type of CPU we want and what type of storage we want.

Pricing: We can make our own plan, according to our need but the company has displayed their pricing in a full table manner for their customers, The SSD storage pack will cost more than the HHD storage. 1GB RAM with 1×2.4 Ghz @80% costs 4.50 euro a month and 20GB storage for HHD will cost 1.50 euro’s and SSD will cost just its double, 3 Euro’s. Otherwise we can choose our plan and calculate the price as well.

Operating System: is having 12 operating systems! You can pick up your favorite from these-:

  1. CentOS
  2. Ubuntu
  1. FreeBSD
  2. Windows 2008 R2
  3. Windows 2012
  1. Gentoo
  2. Arch Linux
  3. Open SUSE

Control Panel: cPanel and Direct Admin

Unlimited traffic: you’ve VPS will be equipped with a speed of 1 gb/per second! The company’s bandwidth is having more than enough bandwidth to even handle the most demanding traffic application or website.

Managed Server (add-ons) : Tilaa makes your server’s back-up in every 2 hours, and you data will be stored for 2 months, you will also be informed incase you exceed the storage capacity or if unexpectedly your back-up stops.

Data Centers: Amsterdam and Harleem

Support: No e-mail is mentioned on the website not even any live chat system is there, only a kind of FAQ section is there and a phone number, So no 24×7 support given by tilaa, If any newbie will go through their website he will surely be confused.

Main Features: Unlimited traffic, certified cloud, Top class network, Easy dashboard, SSD/HDD support, Managed server, Local storage, real time statistics, user management, Flexible Billing etc.

Payment methods: There are several payment methods through which you can complete the payment, and they are- VISA, Master card, PayPal, American express, Giro Pay, Sofort banking, Ban contact card.

The Tilaa Team

Jobs: tilaa team is a one of the most friendly teams, they are currently hiring:-

Both of the positions are really nice and decent to work and the team itself is so wonderful that you will enjoy any job over there.


The company’s team is nice; they still have to improve their support system. If you are starting your business then this is not the perfect site for you, but if you are a professional this can prove itself the best for you, you can create your own package as well, by which you can get the things according to your need.

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