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Twitter is a well known online social networking and micro blogging service provider that enables us to connect with peoples and comment over their status and shares in one or two line statements (around 140 characters). This was established by some crazy bloggers, Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone, in the year of 2006. According to facts (in 2012), around 500 million registered users accessing twitter and they posts around 340 million tweets per day. In general, tweeter is basically a bird name who continuously emits slight vibrating sounds.

What is retweet?

Before explaining Retweet, firstly understand the meaning of Tweet. Tweet is like a phone message which is limited to 140 characters, but it’s hard to explain everything in some characters or limited words. Apart from that, as the name simply describes retweet meaning, “Re-tweet” so retweet is nothing, but it just reposting or forwarding any other’s tweet. It is just like answering any other’s call or forwarding any important message on your own wall.

What’s a tweetup?

Tweetup is something new for those who recently joined tweeter or who are not much active on twitter through their profiles. So in layman language, it’s just a facility of twitter to organize an event to meet with them who are following you or just met you on twitter.  For that, you just need to post an event on your own twitter account or your following community and then all friends decides a place, time and other things with their ease.

Why aren't people following you?

That’s a common problem with most of users in every social networking sites that the people aren’t following them back, but no one understand why?

There are several reasons to understand why aren’t people following you back?

  1. Unattractive Profile Picture: Most of time, we want to hide our identity and for that we don’t paste our original picture as a profile photo, this is major aspect behind ignorance. Sometimes we paste a common picture that doesn’t attracts anyone this also increases the ignorance ratio.
  2. Improper Profile Details: This factor impacts over reader’s mind and they find you a fake person without complete profile.
  3. Non Regular User: If you doesn’t actively participate on you twitter account than people on your profile simply ignore you.
  4. Ratio of Tweets: This is also affect people’s choice to do follow or no follow you, excess of tweets and lacking of tweets plays an important role of ignorance.

Finding jobs using twitter?

Social networking definitely helps you to find a perfect job according to your qualification, you just need to follow right way. For finding a job using twitter, you need to highlight your skills and actively participates in your related communities and after finding correct person, just message them privately.

Big brands on twitter

Twitter is a hub for all famous and big brands and you can easily find them to follow. On their twitter profile you can find out their services, their products, their announcements and their upcoming as well. Most of famous corporate and product brands like: Samsung, Nokia, CNN, McDonalds, YouTube, Mtv, Adidas, Rebook, Nike and many more, personally hires some experts to actively tweet and retweet on their twitter accounts.

Using twitter for customer service

Social Media’s customer services enhance the power of a customer. Through social media like: twitter, customer directly shares their experiences in front of the world about a particular product or entire company. Through such facility, customer gets good response time from companies and around 99% of companies handle their social media customer service for better customer experience and better brand value.

Twitter customization is a simple process that can be counted as some steps. You can customize your twitter backgrounds through just three simple steps. In those steps:

  1. Firstly you need to sign in through your registered details (User Name and Password).
  2. Then move to your settings page where you find design tab on the left side of sidebar.
  3. In design tab, you find new designs to apply.

Through those steps, you can see the easiness of twitter and their functions. Without prior knowledge or without any dependency, you can access everything in Twitter.

How to Join Twitter (Making account)?

Before accessing Twitter’s functions, you need to register yourself as their actual user and for that you need to fill their sign up form and apply for their free membership via submitting that form. After signing up, Twitter team will send a confirmation mail to your mail account. In this mail, you will get a validation link to validate your mail account for twitter.

You can see that making a new account for twitter is so simple; you can create your profile on twitter within few minutes or half an hour max.

How to tweet?

After creating and preparing complete profile on Twitter, the next step is tweeting. Tweet is simply texting your thoughts or some information on your profile or your friends profile, but tweets are limited in 140 characters as phone messages. Because of this limitation, explaining anything is not easy.

For tweet, you find a blue icon on top right side of your profile’s navigation for composing new tweet. After clicking on that, a textbox will appear for your tweet which is limited to 140 characters. After writing your tweet, you just need to post that tweet via clicking on post button. This post will appear on you profile’s homepage.

How to find people on twitter?

Finding people on Twitter is an easy task. Without any hassle, you can easily find out your know friends and colleagues on Twitter. For finding people, you need to:

  1. Type his/her name in search box.
  2. Twitter will show some results according to match.
  3. According to match, open their profile and follow them to add them as a friend.

You can also search your friends or know ones through Twitter’s connect page.

How to follow accounts?

Following any account is also a simple thing in Twitter. For following your favorite person or your favorite community, you need to search your desired person in Discover page. You just need to click on discover link from your navigation bar and then write down that name in Discover’s search box whom you want to follow.

Discover page also give suggestions through its “who to follow” link from where you find some famous person’s profiles, brands, products, industries and many more to follow.

How to invite people to join you?

Inviting people or friends for joining twitter is also a simple process. You can add or invite your friends through two ways. In First way, you can send invitation at the time to registration. At the time of registration, twitter will ask you to fetch your contacts from your mail accounts.

In second way, you need to click on “who to follow” link from your navigation bar. On that page, you find a text box with label “Invite friends” at right side pane. In that textbox, you need to enter your friend’s mail id and then click on invite button. This sends a mail of invitation to your friend’s account.

How to delete twitter account?

Deactivating or deleting your twitter account is as simple as creating new account. For deactivating your account, you need to follow some simple steps:

  1. After signing in to your account, you need to go settings page.
  2. On that page, you find a link named “deactivate my account” at the bottom of the page.
  3. When you click on that link, you will get some messages from twitter and you need to click on Okay fine, deactivate my account.
  4. As the final step, twitter will ask you the password for verifying your identity and after entering password twitter will deactivate your account for 30 days.
  5. In that 30 days time duration, you can reactivate your account at any time by simply signing in, but after those 30 days, twitter will permanently delete all the information of your account.
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