OpenX, an open source advertising server, is new software for advertisement campaigning for those working in-house and through third-party sources. The software is licensed by GNU. For accumulating statistics through tracking system this software performs proficiently. Also, for the task of incorporated banner management, the software helps the users credibly.

OpenX, starting as a phpAdsNew, underwent through a series of changes and now is extendable with plugins that are available in the market. The software is used in a number of tasks such as developing audience segments exclusively, inserting first time campaigns, developing the productivity of the advertised objects and so on.

With unique flexible control, the software is proficient in making financial reports, developing business intelligence. With 99.75% Service Level Agreement and all time customer support, one can get all kinds of solutions to the problems faced. This service compatibly increases the acceptability of the software. OpenX, having full control over the desktop, or the videos or the cell phones through a single, assembled advertisement server.

OpenX makes the advertisement operations a lot easier as it quickly performs the task of removal of the translations and spreadsheets of the records. It also carries the advertisements through all kinds of audio-visual internet medium. While performing these tasks, the human mistakes are reduced here. For that, possible search results, intelligent workflow are used.

For increasing the revenues to the maximum level, the user can prioritize the campaigns. Through eCPM optimization configuration the campaigns are served automatically at the time of excess selling. The campaigner can also insert more than two pricing models CPM, CPA, CPC, and tenancy. The total operation eventually increases the credibility of the software to the campaigners.

For the buyers bidding on ad inventory, the software increases the unique demand for the product. Even for the time of erosion of price, the user can set a minimum price for the inventory. This would later protect the user at the time of the erosion.

For the new age business opportunities, this software can be accounted as an effective one as it saves a lot of time and decreases the chance of errors. Even in the ongoing business processes as well the software provides satisfying results. The user here can set the settings for the primary operations and therefore can focus on the proper marketing.

For keeping a close eye on the development of the advertisements each of the campaigners are given unique private login codes. The user can check the campaign performance at his convenient hour. At the same time, he can also optimize the creative. He can also set the target client through multiple targeting options. As a result, the advertisements can be made focused on the content, audience, or behavior and more.

OpenX serves all these kinds of tasks with quickness and minute perfection. The advertisements are guaranteed to scale to billions. With web and telephonic support, ad server uptime and a web-based training for proper utilization; the software catches the attention of the ad campaigners easily.