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Latest News And Web Hosting Review Linode

Unique Selling Points

Establishment: 2003

No. of Customers: 800,000

Data Centers:  11 across, US, Europe, Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, Mumbai, Toronto

Headquarters: Philadelphia's Old City


CEO: Christopher Aker
Operation Manager: Brett Kaplan

Services Offered

What for Customers?

Target Customer: developers, entrepreneurs, and businesses

Uptime: 99.99%

Support: 24.7.365

Latest News

Linode: Company Overview

Linode is based in Galloway, New Jersey Linux VPS hosting solution provider. Company is catering its solution since June 2003. initially company was defining cloud hosting, now it is a leader in virtualization hosting. Company has data centers in the Fremont, California and Texas, Dallas. One data center in Atlanta, Georgia. Some other data centers are situated in Newark, London and Tokyo. All data centers are connected with each other by powerful network. It has clients across in 131 countries and truly focuses in Linux VPS hosting.

Reliability and Performance

Clients will get 99.9% uptime guarantee with substantial facilities. Company has six data centers; The New Jersey data centre is run by NAC and Fremont, California is owned by Hurricane Electric. Backup are provided with plans but customers have to pay for them. Customers allow to download at maximum speed and minimum latency. Response time is 380minutes.

Hosting Plans

Linode is exclusive Linux VPS hosting provider. It has nine VPS hosting plans which are vary from 1GB RAM to 96GB RAM. These plans have pure SSD range from 24GB to 1920GB disk space. All plan includes SSH and root access. Linode hosting includes a NodeBalancer service which helps to smartly distribute traffic to several servers.

Feature and Control Panel

Company provides One-click managed cloud backups which includes three backup strategy: daily, 2-7 day and an 8-14 day backup.

Managed DNS with API, transfer pooling, HA and clustering support.

NodeBalancers manages balance of incoming traffic over one or more servers. It it monitors health of backend servers by using active and passive checks.

Longview combine all system-level metrics and displays in an attractive easy to read graphic.clients can view their servers at same time on one page.

Linode Managed supports 24*7*365 in eliminating downtime. Mnaged customers can have free cPanel &WHM with this service.

No control panel or any other virtualization applications is included in VPS hosting plans.



Cancellation Policy

Customer can terminate service at any time by using “Cancel Account” link which is situated on the “My Accounts” sub-tab of Linode Manager. Services will be cancelled immediately. Linode also provides seven days money back guarantee for new customers if they want to cancel hosting plan after first week.


Analysis above review, Linode is unmanaged VPS hosting provider. Linode is difficult for non-technical users to handle it. Company`s VPS plans totally inclined for those people who have knowledge in Linux. Rest features are compatible and price also very good and affordable.

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