If you want your web site to be able to store and display data from a database, your web server should have access to a database system that uses the SQL language. If your web server will be hosted by an Internet Service Provider (ISP), you will have to look for SQL hosting plans. The most common SQL hosting databases are MySQL, MS SQL Server, and MS Access.

You can have SQL databases on both Windows and Linux/UNIX operating systems.SQL hosting is a kind of professional web hosting.

  1. MS SQL Server-Runs only on Windows OS.
  2. MySQL- Runs on both Windows and Linux/UNIX operating systems.
  3. MS Access (recommended only for small websites) – Runs only on Windows OS.

SQL Server Compact shares a common API with the other Microsoft SQL Server editions. It also includes ADO.NET providers for data access using ADO.NET APIs, and built-in synchronization capabilities, as well as support for LINQ and Entity Framework. Future releases will unify the synchronization capabilities with Microsoft Synchronization Services. Unlike other editions of Microsoft SQL Server, SQL CE runs in-process with the application which is hosting it; while having a memory footprint of less than 2 MB; however, all SQL CE instances share the same memory pool.

With the help of SQL hosting you can make a large database and setting a password for the database file is optional. The database can be compressed and repaired with the option of the compacted/repaired database to be placed into a new database file.

  • Unlimited Disk space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • SQL Server 2008 R2
  • IIS 7.5 / ASP.NET 4.0
  • Website Panel
  • $1.45/month
  • Free Setup

Almost all the companies which provide SQL hosting provide its users with features like:

  • Less than $0.14 per website
  • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed!
  • Free Domain Registrations
  • Instant account creation and access
  • Friendly and Available Support 24*7 round the clock.

These companies provide a powerful control panel which gives its user total control of their websites and database. But before utilizing all these features we have to register domain name.

The hosting company would take care of server maintenance so that the user can focus on building his/ her website, creating content and increasing site visitors.