Domain name is the name given to a website. It distinguishes one website from another. It provides a unique identity for you in the web world. You can promote your business by choosing the domain name carefully. Domain names are permanent and it retains your identity throughout your web presence. Generally, companies choose the company name or brand name as the domain name.

World Wide Web is the name given to the huge network that we call as Internet. It contains millions of sites. New and new sites are being added on a daily basis. More and more people are using the Internet for their business and work purposes. With this wonderful medium, business has truly become global.This has given a new dimension to modern day business. In future, it is expected that business will be done online only. Already online transactions are the preferred mode of business for a high percentage of the consumers in the advanced countries. So, we can safely assume that modern businessmen cannot do without online transactions. Everyone knows about the importance of the business card for the companies. Domain names have become the modern day business card. Business cards have their limitations, whereas websites has the potential of accessing innumerable customers. It helps to promote business and get new customers. The domain name should be able to portray the image of the company. Domain name should also be search engine friendly, so that customers are able to find your company easily. This makes your products accessible to millions of customers worldwide. Modern day business has become highly competitive and having the right domain name enhances the prospects of a company in a huge way.

The next step after choosing your domain name is to register it. Domain name registration is very easy. You can approach one of the many web hosting companies to register the name for you. It hardly takes a few minutes to register. Once registered, the domain name will become the unique online identity of your company. Computers find the domain names through Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. But it is not humanly possible to remember these IP addresses. Domain names are more user-friendly and easy to remember thus enabling the prospective online customers to find your company. Domain names are generally simple words or phrases. It is essential to choose words of phrases as relevant to your company as possible. Always choose short names which are easy to remember.