In today’s world, we have seen that every person wants to create their website. The purpose may be personal related to his or her hobbies or for running the business. You need a web hosting platform to create the website and to search for the appropriate platform; you search for the best and cheap web hosting service providers.

But here also we face one common problem, several no. of web hosting service providers are available in the market, now how to find the best and cheap Linux web hosting provider…for this, you may consider a couple of things.

Here we give preference to the Linux website hosting because of its few benefits such as it is safe, secure, reliable, and cost-effective. So, if you are planning to choose Linux web hosting, then before going ahead or opting it, you may consider few factors such as:

  • In terms of technology, Linux web hosting uses a LAMP (L – Linux; A – Apache; M-MySQL; P – PHP) structure which is formed by combining few soft wares. Among best Linux web hosting companies, Arvixe web hosting company is also counted which makes use of this structure to deliver you with different types of lively developments within your website at all times.
  • Next most important factor you need to consider is data recovery and data backup on your website. You should look for the amount of data backup provided by the company and whether it is providing you back up on weekly basis or monthly basis.
  • As you will be the customer of the web hosting provider, so you should see the customer support of the providers, before choosing them. Good customer support is mainly provided by the Linux web hosting companies. This is very important because a customer may face several problems, which may be not possible for him or her to solve on their own basis, so they require such kind of support. You must choose the provider who is well equipped with well-qualified technicians who are capable of solving any web hosting problem, without considering its difficulty level. Next thing which you need to look in the chat support service, provided by your provider or not. It is suggested to make sure of all the given features, provided by Linux web hosting service provider.
  • Disk space and bandwidth are also important factors which you need to consider, before opting for the best Linux web hosting provider. You may choose the provider which offers you unlimited disk space for unlimited data storage and unlimited bandwidth to allow you in utilizing the latest technology in web hosting. Next thing which you need to see whether a provider is offering you some extravagant applications or even stream multimedia or not. Next is the price obviously you are looking for such provider, where you don’t have to pay very high fees. Good Linux web hosting service provider may provide you free space in bulk so that as per your requirement you can put anything on the server.
  • Everyone is looking for that Linux web hosting provider, who offers their good quality hosting services at a very cheap price to their clients. There are so many Linux web hosting providers are available which offers good quality services but you may compare the price of all of them, to choose the best and cheap one.
  • Now after considering all the above things, next thing which you need to see is what are you getting CPanel with details, protection from virus, malware and attackers in the form of antivirus, decent load balance for the proper functioning of your server and to provide you protection from Firewall. There are few other services also which may be an offer by the provider and which are important for you such as FTP creation, MY SQL database, Subdomains.


Now after considering all the important factors, first you may take some time to find a good, reputed service provider which offers you best web hosting services. For this, you need to compare the services containing several features with their prices offer by the different providers. After a comparative analysis, you may choose the best Linux web hosting provider.