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For hosting any blog, website, online store, different web hosting platforms are available like Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting or Cloud hosting, and User is required to choose any one of them. VPS hosting is chosen as it leads to several benefits as it offers full root access to a slice of server and allow users to have full control on its accessibility. However, when VPS Hosting is combined with WordPress, it develops an interesting scene.
VPS hosting WordPress is highly useful and very popular because of the advantages it offers like high speed, flexibility, full control & nominal prices.

Why VPS Hosting for WordPress Blog?

When Users are in the need of adding or inserting something, or want to upload any pictures, images, screen shots and face the issue of slow loading or high bandwidth/ CPU related, in these situations, VPS hosting may prove useful for WordPress blog.
To offer enriched experience to the site visitors, VPS hosting WordPress must be combined with solutions dedicated to optimizing the speed of the website.

VPS Hosting WordPress is Flexible

WordPress VPS plans offered by hosting companies are quite flexible, as per the need of the user, they can be customized and upgraded anytime. For instance, Hostgator VPS hosting WordPress plans are considered as an excellent choice for those who are hosting a website, forum, online store, affiliate program, blog and looking for an affordable web host. A cPanel is offered offers full root access, thereby permit clients to fully customized anything as and when required. WordPress site can also be transferred to new VPS for free of cost and with no hassles.

Existing Website Speed Up on VPS Hosting WordPress

If Users wish to optimize the speed of existing WordPress website on VPS platform, they are required to follow three steps:

  1. First of all, W3 Total Cache plugin must be fully configured.
  2. Next, Used the service of Content Distribution Network.
  3. Last, select VPS Hosting for WordPress in the countries from where the huge volume of traffic generates.

VPS Hosting WordPress in the Cloud

There are several benefits of using VPS hosting for WordPress, but one of the biggest ones among them is that User has the option to select WordPress VPS Hosting in Cloud. It is considered as the greatest advantage to users because of the requirement of VPS Cloud servers at different levels.
Cloud VPS Hosting offers sufficient amount of resources with an optimal amount of CPU and RAM according to the requirement of the server so that server does not face the issue of downtime.
VPS Cloud hosting for WordPress makes the arrangements by which if anytime due to hardware failure or other, server comes out of the cloud, website will be online in just a few seconds on automated basis on new hardware.
To increase the optimization of website, VPS Cloud hosting for WordPress provides with choice of various locations for the deployment of servers. It is recommended that user must go for Asia/ USA or Europe based locations where Max website clients and visitors both live.

Company offers VPS Hosting WordPress

In a list of providers, Pagely is considered as good, it has developed and offer powerful, flexible and fully managed WordPress VPS hosting solutions to thousands of clients. For WordPress, Software-As-A-Service with superior VPS performance is offered. Pagely is fully responsible for managing the tuning, configuration, updates, backup of server and WordPress website. It offers flexibility and a supporting team. VPS WordPress hosting plans offered by company comes with SSH/ SVN access as required for handling large volume of traffic and applications in demand.

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