There was once a time when our only source of information was traditional media, ie, newspapers, television and radio. Technology evolved. Moreover, with this evolution came the age of the internet. A blessing in disguise. All thanks to the internet we have many new applications and sources of information. Also this has given all of us a chance to create an opinion and post it online. For this purpose many people have also taken up blogging as a hobby or job.

Blogging: An Overview

Blog, also known as weblog, is a site that allows a user or a group of users to share their content and posts (articles, images and videos) online. Blogs help in connecting with people, sharing information, marketing of a product and making money. There are many different types of blogs depending on the type of content you wish to show on the website. Blogging has become so common now that many companies have also started collaborating with bloggers to create and share their content. Blogging is the best way to improve customer relations as well.

Blogs can either be a Free or a Paid Service

When a free service is being used, the services of the provider is being used. For instance we have WordPress and Blogger. Let us consider Blogger. So, when we create a blog on Blogger, we are using its services and the URL of our blog will also include the name of the service provider, These services are good for those who have just started blogging. Those who are serious about blogging must remember that every free service always has its limitations. When it comes to making money, a free service will most likely hold you back with the very limited control and options it provides. But such is not the case of a paid blog hosting service. Using a paid service for blogs will not only give you complete access to the website, but it will also give you complete access to the various designs and templates for your website. The URL won't include the name of the hosting service (


When it comes to choosing a host for your blog/website here are some of the features that you should always look for:

  • Disk Space: is the space that can be stored on a web server. That depends on the space needed by your website. This information is always included in the plan provided by the hosting company.
  • Uptime: Uptime is the amount of time for which the server is running. If a hosting provider says that they have a high uptime percentage, then that means that their servers have always been running.
  • Cost: What are the services that are being provided and for what duration has the cost been done.
  • User Reviews: Seeing the number of sites that are existing in the world, there are bound to be reviews and these reviews will help you in selecting the right host for your blog/website.
  • Extra Services: Many web hosting companies provide extra services like a number of extra features and templates for your website.

Blogging is not as difficult as it seems. All you need is an idea, good content and a hosting service that suits you best. So, keep blogging.