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Dedicated Server Hosting Providers

There are numerous providers of dedicated hosting services in the web world, but the entrepreneur or webmaster looking for the dedicated server hosting has to trade carefully in choosing the service provider. It will not be the best of experiences getting stranded because of the inferior quality of hosting service or lack of support at real times. A qualitative, reliable and reputable service provider is the solution to all these problems.

Choosing the Dedicated Hosting Server

A server is a must for any web hosting. It will store all the bits as well bytes that would make the online presence of the webmaster or the entrepreneur and the products or services promoted by them recognized on the web. That means the vast community of web viewers and many of them are potential customers would come to know about the existence of the webmaster, his site, and the products and/or services promoted on the same. If you are opting for a dedicated hosting server, then you will have total control over it but the selection has to be carefully made.

What is a Server

Before going on to a dedicated or shared server hosting analysis, it is necessary learning what a server is.

Understanding Dedicated Server

The dedicated server is extensively used by webmasters having a website with massive traffic movements and larger enterprises. Unlike shared servers where multiple users share the server space, the dedicated server hosts only one site. There are advantages and disadvantages of building a site on a dedicated server.

Benefits of Using Dedicated Server

Key benefits of using dedicated server hosting are as follows.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Hosting Server

The downsides of using dedicated hosting servers are as follows.

Compensatory Bonus Offers

Since dedicated server hosting services earn more money for the service providers many of them offer compensatory and bonus plans for the customers. These include discounts, prize coupons, and other coupon codes and some free gifts in terms of accessories as well. They also usually come with the traditional money back assurances. In addition; dedicated server hosting plan always has some extra facilities giving greater control to the client.

Leading Dedicated Hosting Server Providers

Some of the leading dedicated hosting server and service providers are 1&1, Bluehost, GoDaddy, HostGator, DreamHost, InMotion Hosting, iPage, Just Host, LiquidWeb, 100 TB, and Server Pronto. There are many others, but these occupy prime positions in the industry.

Before choosing the dedicated hosting service provider it will be necessary checking their plans, the expenses concerned and all aspects of the hosting so that there is no unpleasant surprise at the end of it.

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