supports customers all over Ukraine to develop and publish websites since 2002. They provide quality hosting, especially for small and large sized businesses. The range of services includes colocation, virtual hosting, rental and cloud solutions. Standard tier 2+ datacenters controls entire server and network infrastructure. Moreover, company offers excellent customer care available 24/7 via email, phone or chat. Their quality brands include Juniper, Intel, HP, Supermicro, and Brocade. Offers high availability of speed, support, and quality. Their server has achieved outstanding network connectivity, data centers connected to the highest traffic exchange points around the world. Besides this, company provides 99.99% uptime guarantee as well. Overview providing services of website creation and hosting since 2002, to the customers staying in Ukraine. Faculty of Applied Mathematics of the Kiev Polytechnic University of Ukraine “KPI” students founded the company. After serving the clients for over 12 yrs. company has gained knowledge and rich experience in the area of web hosting. It has built its reputation and placed itself in the list of the three biggest web hosting companies and domain registrars in the Ukrainian market. Customers of the company comprises of large banks & investment organizations, popular brands, business centers. It is having 74701 hosting users in Ukrainian, served 148101 sites and 1028 servers for support. A complete range of services including e-mail, virtual hosting, cloud solutions, rental and colocation is offered.

Reliability and Performance/ Uptime Report

In terms of Uptime report, Freehost.UA states 99.9 percent Uptime guarantee to their clients. Powerful dual-processor server with Intel Pentium SSD drive is used which offers top knotch performance of the website, without considering the consumption of no. of resources. High standard TIER 2+ equipments are used in the data center, reflects that maximum of the major websites are copied. It ensures increased reliability and fast quality response to clients requests.

Hosting plans

UNIX Hosting, Cloud VPS and Win hosting plans offers money back guarantee for 30 days, trial service for 7 days with guaranteed high quality service (SLA), 24 Hrs Customer support & free domain name if avail hosting services for 1 year.

Unix hosting offers several features like PHP 5.3 – PHP 5.6, Unlimited mailboxes, Spam filter& Anti virus, One Click CMS like Drupal, Joomla etc. , Unlimited FTP Account, Easy to use Control panel, Unlimited Domains, SMTP Server and many more. Windows Hosting provides clients with PHP 5.3 – PHP 5.6, Ms Access support, 2 ASP.NET – ASP.NET 4, MVC3 Support, Plesk control panel, Spam filter & anti virus, Unlimited subdomains, Unlimited FTP accounts with MS Front page. Cloud VPS provides customers KVM virtualization, 1 IP Address, CentOS , Debian, FreeBSD, Ubuntu with Unlimited traffic.

Dedicated Servers offers 2 IP addresses, Domain registration for free, Control panel- ISPmanager Lite, Unlimited amt. of traffic generation, CentOS , Debian, FreeBSD, Ubuntu with 99.9% Uptime guarantee.

Features and Control Panel

  • 99.9 percent Uptime Guarantee
  • 24*7*365 Technical Support
  • Money back guarantee of 30 days
  • PHP 5.3 – PHP 5.6
  • Plesk control panel
  • Spam filter & anti virus
  • Simple Control panel
  • Tier 2+ Owned Data Centres
  • Trial access for 7 days
  • Colocation Services
  • IP Addresses
  • Control panel- ISPmanager Lite
  • Unlimited traffic
  • CentOS , Debian, FreeBSD, Ubuntu


Freehost.UA provides technical support for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days year. They are available even on weekends and holidays. Their customers can speak to the executives of customer care via e-mail, phone or live chat.


  • High quality Web Hosting
  • Prompt & Supportive hosting platform
  • Excellent network connectivity
  • Top knotch speed
  • Regular secure backups
  • Highly secure servers
  • Certified Microsoft & Intel partners


Freehost.UA is almost a perfect web hosting provider

Cancellation Policy/ Refund Policy

A money back guarantee for 30 Days is provided to clients. In the assigned duration, if consumer found the hosting services unsatisfactory he/ she may give a request for cancellation of his or her account and ask for a refund and company will give their full money back after deducting the charges incurred for registration of domain. So, there is a provision of 30 days for refunding the money to the clients on their being unsatisfied.


Freehost.UA offers excellent web hosting services which are considered as highly reliable, safe and secure, ensures excellent network connectivity leads to high speed and quality hosting solutions. It provides with 99.9% Uptime guarantee with 24 Hrs technical support & 30 days money back guarantee.