ServerPilot Overview

.Serverpilot was founded in 2013. it is a server management platform for PHP apps such as WordPress on cloud server. Company has developed secure and fast control panel so customer can focus on their businesses easily. It is optimal hosting for cloud servers. It can upgrade its features whenever customer wants. Due to latest and advanced technologies, new servers connect within few seconds. Company can monitor servers and website in one place. Serverpilot is one the most reliable and secure hosting companies. All necessary software configured automatically. Apart from this, hosting features include great app stacks, multiple PHP versions, automatic upgrades and updates, 24-hour server monitoring, optimized for WordPress and PHP, all time available technical support.

ServerPilot provides free firewall and security updates. It also provides with real-time stats, log monitoring, and email notifications subscription packages for the benefit of users. The Company is fully committed to keep its loyal customers satisfied with their prompt support services. Its focus is to make hosting PHP applications and websites lucid, without managing and securing servers manually. ServerPilot serves competitive and affordable web hosting plans with cost effective web hosting plans designed to suit anyone with an online presence.

Hosting Plans

For various domains the company offers free add-ons with every domain name, free email account, bulk tools, DNS management, easy to use control panel, domain theft protection, domain forwarding and unlimited mail forwards.

For web hosting, ServerPilot offers three plans: Economy, Business and First Class. Economy plan comes with the option to host multiple websites, 25GB real disk space, 1 CPU Core, instant activation and is suitable for around 25,000 monthly visits. Business plan provides 50GB real disk space, 2 CPU Cores and is suitable for about 50,000 monthly visits. First Class plan comes with 100GB real disk space, 4 CPU Cores and is suitable for 100,000 monthly visits.

Features and Control Panel

  • Multiple PHP versions.
  • Automated package updates.
  • Nginx in front of Apache. PHP-FPM and MySQL.
  • Firewall by default.
  • SSL installation made simple.
  • Unprivileged PHP
  • SFTP and SPDY.
  • App Isolation
  • Log monitoring and Realtime server Health.

ServerPilot Support

Support team can be reached 24/7 through live chat, ticketing system, and phone. A wide-ranging KnowledgeBase provides answers to essential questions.


  • Use of multiple databases for each app.
  • No resource intensive software is installed on the server.
  • The user is free to install/modify server as per the needs.
  • The free plans endow the user with right measure of features necessary to operate and sustain a server.
  • ServerPilot’s dashboard is uncluttered, easy to use and displays only the required details.
  • Automated updates are facilitated by default and have the option to be disabled for manual updating.
  • There are no limited contract periods.


  • For upgrading/downgrading the user can do so only from the Cloud Server’s website.
  • Applications such as WordPress, Joomla, etc. cannot be easily installed.
  • No server setting editing option to.
  • For basic server configuration details as upload limit, memory limit, etc. the user needs to manually create and upload a .user.ini files.
  • No database management tool or backup functions.
  • The service requires some basic Linux knowledge from the user.

Cancellation Policy

For a refund, the customer needs to login to Customer Control Panel and select Withdrawal Funds along with mode of refund via PayPal, cheque post, credit card or account transfer.


ServerPilot is highly recommended for developers who have restricted knowledge about server configuration. ServerPilot enables a hassle free configuration and set-up options for such users who want site hosting on cloud server. It frees the user from server management issues as all aspects are handled along with configuration, backups, and security updating. Latest server technology is utilized to ensure uptime and maximize website speeds. Their policy is to deliver reliable and trustworthy hosting. ServerPilot is really a great choice of free, remotely hosted and centralized control panel solution along with server security.