If you want to start a business then first of all you need a good website and for that you require a good hosting plan. Linux server hosting and Windows hosting are the 2 most common options but “Which is the better option?” as each has its own features, advantages and disadvantages. Now as to decide this, here are the main differences between the two which you may consider:

Linux hosting

Linux is an open-source system. It is very cheap to operate i.e. it may cost you less than Windows. It is known for for scalability, stability and speed, thus it is going to crash less than a Windows server. It also support different types of applications, software and programming languages including Perl, MySQL and PostgreSQL .But Linux hosting cannot be used with some Microsoft technologies like Access, ASP or MS SQL, for these technologies you need Windows hosting server.

Windows hosting

Windows provide complete use of the programming ecosystems sponsored by Microsoft, such as Visual Basic Scripts and MS Index Server to your web developers as they will develop your website with the Microsoft tools like Visual Interdev and Microsoft Access.

Advantages of Linux hosting Many people consider Linux Web Hosting as the best type of hosting solution because of its several benefits like, it provides reliability, reasonability, security, efficiency, and much more. Linux hosting uses open source software. It provides you more than one option i.e. multiple options to fulfill the requirements of hosting. PHP is considered to be one of the most popular languages for programming and the good thing is this that it is compatible with Linux web hosting. People who are learning programming i.e. practicing programmers may also test new things with the help of Linux hosting, thus it proves to be beneficial for programmers also. And at last the biggest advantage of using Linux hosting as we have read earlier also is that it is very cheap and affordable. Proprietary software’s are not installed and due to this over head expenses are reduced in Linux hosting. If you choose Linux, you do NOT need to run Linux on your PC to host your site on the Linux platform. Which OS you run on your computer does not matter; even if you are running Windows XP, you can still use Linux to run your website.

Disadvantages of Linux hosting Websites which are designed for windows based application, for them Linux hosting is not good because is not compatible with windows applications and the coding conversions. It is consider as a serious issue and this is considered as one of the major disadvantage. As we have read the advantages that, Linux web hosting is considered as the best solution for hosting but with this there are some hindrances to be considered. Advantages of Windows hosting One of the major advantage of using Windows hosting is that it is provided by Microsoft- World’s no. one IT Company. Windows hosting usage provide you with regular support and updates. Next major advantages of using windows hosting is its user friendly interface as the majority of the people who use windows as an Operating system on the computer said this. It also provides you an option of using popular Microsoft tools such as MS FrontPage, MS Access and MS SQL. Disadvantages of Windows hosting One of the major disadvantage of using Windows hosting is that it usually needs a lot of system resources like a very powerful machine to run it. The most common disadvantage of windows hosting which is known to everyone is that it lacks server stability. It requires restart or reboot more frequently. Most of its products are of Microsoft thus it involves additional investment for development tools which is very costly or expensive. Another negative point is that you will not get many free applications with it.


As we have seen there are both advantages and disadvantages of Windows hosting and Linux hosting i.e. to run a website on a Linux or Windows server. Now it depend on you that what is your budget and what sort of technology your site will use, what is your need what you intend to do with the website, to choose the hosting plan among these two.

If we think from the hosting platform point of view, Linux and Windows both are equally effective and efficient.