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VPS Game Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting is a hosting service not only for simple web hosting but also for gaming purpose. Gaming VPS is a part of a physical machine that an individual lease out from a server hosting company. It is designed to be used for running a dedicated multiplayer game application. Typically the services will be ready to start with an operating system installed and running, all an individual needs to do is install the games server files and set up a game. A fair gaming VPS supplier should offer support but usually limited to renting a VPS suggests that an individual is aware of it.

Game Hosting through own VPS Server

Hosting own game server for an individual can be a wondrous idea, but it can also be quite difficult to attain. If an individual doesn't know what he needs to do. He needs to take few steps carefully & keep in account different factors; additionally, he should understand the basics of server operation. Otherwise, it can end up creating a lot of trouble than it is worth.

Technical Requirements

If an individual runs Linux on his computer, then a Linux virtual server is a logical step to take as the web version is similar to that on a local machine. Easy for newcomers to pick up, Linux is one of the most popular operating systems and there are plenty of support communities online if any help is needed or else if an individual chooses Windows server then he needs to use MS SQL, ASP.NET, and .NET with it. For VPS game hosting, it is ideal to go for Linux VPS. Basically, for Linux VPS, a Linux operating system is required. PHP 5, MySQL Database, Curl Support, FTP Extension, SSH2 Extension are few technical needs for an individual. VPS hosting is used for game servers, VPN, Forex/EA, remote desktop and is accessed directly using the server IP address.

Flawless VPS Game Hosting

A web hosting company should offer full hardware and network stage support, to ensure that an individual VPS is continuously connected with the game. It should diagnose and rectify hardware issues also. It should be able to design VPS in a way that can be conveniently managed by an individual. A person can easily install software upgrades or rectify OS level faults and bugs in server software. It should render support in case of difficulty faced by an individual.
It should offer more than just VPS hosting. An individual should be able to use it as a database, file, e-mail & most importantly as a gaming server.
He can decide his own specification and modify them for websites, game server, mail server or other hosting requirements. Web hosting company should have a genuine zeal for the web industry and a strong technical ability.

More option with VPS

VPS is a virtual operating system & can run with other shared game servers. There is nothing like a best one. With VPS, an individual can run what he wants to run & most of the shared companies offer free web hosting, MySQL, voice, etc.


An individual can opt for one way of VPS game server from various options discussed. Whatever he select for VPS game hosting, he should avoid free web hosting services because they usually don't furnish after support which is must to have for an individual.

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