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Reselling the web hosting solutions Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting

Everyone wishes to earn as much money as possible. And for same several ways are available, and currently, people are making much money through online medium.

So, a standard and fast way to earn money online is by reselling the web hosting solutions furnished by the internet hosting supplier. By a dedication of reseller and the web hosting company which provides service, different forms of reseller web hosting services are available, but before this, first, see the concept of reseller hosting.

Best Reseller Hosting Providers

About reseller hosting

Reseller Hosting is a hosting where a person who purchase web hosting services from any provider, resell them to other individuals or clients for a profit. In simple words, first, you buy service and then resell same. Most Resellers work in niche markets.

Here using part of hard drive disk space and bandwidth which allotted to you by hosting provider. This disk space and bandwidth utilized to host websites of several clients. Accomplished by assigning master reseller hosting account to a user and through this, various sub account is set up by him which are used to resell to your customers. A user needs to pay a tax for using disk space of server to host websites. It is quite similar to shared hosting service, where many reseller web hosting accounts share same hosting server and are not able to completely access files for configuration of a web server. Mostly it is seen that these reseller hosting programs are not very expensive, although resellers are permitted to promote only shared web hosting packages and not other forms of hosting solutions.

Different types of reseller web hosting

It is evident from the above, that using most conventional ways of reselling services, provides you with limited options and leads to the risk also if anything happened wrong.

Thus to overcome this, Resellers Panel, one of bigger web hosting suppliers offers various methods of reselling hosting plans without buying anything in starting and without being involved in client and billing provisions. They offer reseller hosting program, in which reseller signs up at free of cost and choose retail prices for hosting packages. These packages are delivered directly from the provider's online storefront. Although billing transactions are in the hands of Resellers Panel's staff.

Web hosting reseller has one more option, i.e., Web hosting solutions can be resold by users. And after this, resellers primary responsibility is to advertise or promote online web store. Probably by offering excellent support to customers. With this various user accounts can also set up on a dedicated hosting server or a VPS server.

These two hosting services offered with a direct admin, cPanel, other cPanel, which already installed. Now, various shared hosting packages can be set up. Furthermore, it allows you to have complete control over the customers and the server. On dedicated hosting server, setup separate accounts of VPS web server and offer the same to clients.

A Dedicated web hosting service offers you benefits by providing various hosting services to your clients. Hence result in more options to popularize your online storefront. It is possible as you 1000's of VPS server web hosting accounts kept on a dedicated server account. But yes using dedicated hosting server or VPS may prove costly to you. Try standard web hosting reseller program or free Reseller Program offered by Resellers Panel.

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