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Managed WordPress Hosting

Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting on online businesses – the benefits outweigh the cost and represents best value

WordPress is available on 30% of websites on the Internet. Both individuals and businesses find it friendly and easy to manage.

Nowadays, businesses are investing heavily on websites for online presence and boosting their image. Therefore companies need the best solution where it is the responsibility and liability of the host to manage and operate the server or web hosting account on their behalf.

As we all know technology is growing at a very fast pace and we all are adapting the same to update ourself and keep running with the whole world so that we do not left behind the other people. But with this, one thing which is required to consider is the security and safety as this may deteriorates us, if we don’t take care for the same.

I understand this as I am having a WordPress website and few months ago it was hack by a hacker and all my data stored on it got stolen. So, that time I realize that protecting our WordPress website and their data and other important things in the same context are important and required to be kept safe to maintain them same in future also. Now question comes under my mind, how as wordpress website is little different from other sites so the answer is Managed WordPress Hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting is helpful to kept your WordPress website in a safe and secure mode as it prevents hackers from hacking your site. With this it also updates your data. If any updating is done whether on daily or weekly basis it may help in updating your data simultaneously. And to kept your data safe and secure it also create a proper back up for the same so if your data got stolen or hack, you may redeem the same. If any security patch is included in an update it also updates the same. With all this, it also restricts the hackers to send any mail or to do any wrong task via your website. So, here we understand the importance of Managed wordpress hosting.

Now have a look on some of its important features.

Managed WordPress Hosting Features

  1. Monitoring: The host team continuously scrutinized the server to detect any irregularities or failures. Thus, rectify the problem before it blows out of proportion. Thus, giving a 100% uptime guarantee and network availability.
  2. Scanning: Scans the files and directories for virus and spam.
  3. Managed upgrades- It is necessary to update WordPress, its framework, theme and all the related plug-ins from time to time. If there is any updating in the plug in due to some vulnerability and it has been patched, and then you must need that patched plug in, and if not, it may allow hackers to place an unwanted ad on your site or to replace your home page with the same.
  4. Managed back-ups- Before installing or to do updating in the plug in, back up of the installation of the WordPress and all its databases and files are important as if any issue arises in the task of the up gradation of the plug in, then your back up may help to recover your site. And the backup of the database is done on regular basis and back up of the wordpress files are done weekly.
  5. Protection from brute force attacks- Managed wordpress hosting provides optimal protection from the brute force attacks also. When somebody is tried to log in to your site persistently, then it is termed as a brute force attack. If you have the protection from the brute force attack then after some attempts it may lock or prohibit the visitor who tried to log in to your site again and again.
  6. XML-RPC made unavailable to hackers- Mainly, it is seen that hackers wants to access your site and for the same they want your username and password so they always tried to guess the same. These days it is seen that xmlrpc method is leveraging by the hackers, so this method is turned off by this.
  7. Block known bad hosts and agents- If the hacker is very popular or known to you, they are banned on automated basis to access your site. You may add on them to the list as there is an option for this.
  8. Directory browsing disabled- Managed wordpress hosting disable the browsing of directory as by browsing the same hackers may access your files.
  9. Block URL’s looking suspicious- If there is a doubt in the URL, like the suspicious URL’s contain suspicious query strings, so these URL’s are filtered. They are considered as a sign or hint that someone tries to hack your site.
  10. Save common WordPress files from hackers- It may allow to protect or save relevant and general files of wordpress from the hackers.
  11. High Priority Support via live chats, email tickets, or over the phone

The above features and info is few but I am sure with all this you may keep your wordpress website protected and sheltered.

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