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Latest News And Web Hosting Review Velcom

Velcom : Company Overview was developed to handle unpredictable spikes in traffic along with multiple 100Mbps transit connections and direct fiber peering arrangement. Their plans were designed to ensure user needs at low price rates while having necessary options for further development and growth. There is no point of failure anywhere within the company`s network with the help of multiple transit links to some NY metro area`s largest providers. Company offers affordable hosting solution including VPS Hosting, Virtual Hosting and Dedicated Server. Entire support team work hard to make sure the performance, satisfaction and reliability for every user.


Company`s excellent hosting solutions come with features such as great uptime and terrific customer support. Their team always ready to assist their clients in a prompt way and complete customer satisfaction. They offer uptime of 100% every month. In case of server goes down, company quickly solve the issue.

Plans and Pricing

There are three basic plans with clear boundaries of separation. First plan is Easy set which costs $3.95 per month including one domain. Feature set is their second plan which starts at $5.95 per month along with unlimited domains. Third and best plan is All set which offer unlimited domains with private SSL. First two plans have shared SSL included.

Key Features

Company`s plans are affordable and with the space and bandwidth, customer also gets too many features and possibilities as independent control panel, domain registration. With this panel client can also manages FTP accounts, add-ons, email accounts and sub domains. Another feature is included to save customer`s time for the creation of websites as a site builder with templates. They also include script auto installer that maximizes the simplicity of using hosting services.

Technical Support

Company has strong backup for technical support with no additional fee for hosting issues. User can get a better support if he registers the issue with the appropriate help desk category. Technical support is only available by opening a ticket with the help desk system which is located in the customer area. Company has right to decide for the category of the issues and has no liability if customer registers ticket in wrong category , even there is no refund policy for the user if ticket belongs to wrong category.


Velcom is offering cheap hosting rates, they give uptime guarantee 99.9% along with full range of useful features, 24/7 technical support by well professional team, flexibility in plans.


As compared to other hosting companies, their plans are less attractive and sometimes support team members` reply not satisfactory.

Termination Policy

User is eligible for refund if user`s account will be cancelled within 30 days after sign up. This policy is not applicable for SSL certificates, Dedicated IP addresses, Domain registration and fees related to dedicated servers. There is a different policy for cancellation within the first 30 days and have registered free domain name with Velcom, then company will take a charge of $12 per domain name as a onetime fee. This is only applicable if user doesn?t want to transfer domain name. If client wants to cancel account and with the same user is wishing to transfer free domain name registered company to any other registrar, have to pay $15 per domain as a onetime fee. Company has to put these terms and condition for avoiding their abuse of free domain service.


Velcom`s network is designed for no single point of failure. They have largest links so can never be overloaded. Company also offers users best pricing in the world. Their network was built with speed, security, reliability and growth.

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