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strong passwords

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Strong Passwords

An only right key must open a lock, and if the lock gets opened by other master keys, then it is of no-use. Nowadays electronic locks come with millions of combinations, hence locks become unbreakable. A computer system, where necessary files reside also need unbreakable locks. It should open only with a right key, which cannot be traced or cracked. Hence, to protect the system from authorized access.

Good Strong Passwords

Lengthy passwords mixed with special-keyboard characters and numbers are hard to remember and cause inconvenience. But, only a unique uncrackable password can keep the system secure.


Advisory asking users and businesses to remain alert and take preventive steps against cyber threats.

  1. Make password a sentence, more than 30 characters long, having 2-3 words and replace the spaces between words with special characters for e.g
    The U.S & the U.K$English2
    Adding a number makes it more secure.
  2. Cannot remember unique passwords for multiple devices with a further requirement to change them periodically. In that case, use Password Manager (PM) like from Symantec, 1Password or Apple's keychain. The PM keeps the password secure and encrypted. Now you only need to remember the password for PM. Using it, you can now think of putting secret long, strong passwords.
    Separate passwords for each device helps to thwart cybercriminals.
  3. Use 2F or multi-authentication such as biometrics, unique one-time code through SMS on a mobile device, answering of 3-4 question-answers, which only you know and are private. Get notifications activated on SMS, as once the system accessed, an alert comes to mobile.
  4. Not to include usernames, names, surnames, city or country names in the password.
  5. Use Protected Access-II (WPA2) security protocol to Secure Wi-Fi and keep changing a password of its Service Set Identifier (SSID) regularly. It's of 32 characters and identifies Wireless LAN (WLAN).
  6. Keep changing Internet banking passwords once a month
  7. Be diligent to change the passwords of Wireless IOT (Internet of Things) devices Connected to the Internet and ensure their Security and Privacy.

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