E-Commerce Hosting

E-Commerce Hosting comprises of two words, ‘E-Commerce', means business activities conducted between seller and buyer through online mode and ‘Hosting' means purchasing space on a computer server to make a site accessible over the web. When both of them integrates, it refers to E-Commerce Hosting.

E-Commerce hosting implies any business in which two parties enter into a contract, first party, means an online store purchase space on a computer server of a second party, means an e-commerce hosting company to make its business site accessible over world wide web so that different business activities and transactions can be conducted online. With purchasing of space on a server, other things which are required to run an online business is all offered by an e-commerce hosting company to web stores.

Cheap e-Commerce Hosting

After having a brief introduction to E-Commerce hosting, now let's move to the topic. From the above, it is clear ‘What is E-Commerce hosting and why it is required'. So, it simply denotes the e-commerce hosted platform or e-commerce hosting companies who are offering their services at cheap or low prices to their clients.

Cheap & Best E-Commerce Hosted Platforms

It is considered as one of the best e-commerce hosted platforms which is quite affordable too. It does not charge any transaction fees on the packages cost above $79.95 per month. It is an affordable platform, especially for mid-sized web stores. It offers various designs or themes with features for conversion optimization and multi-channel and SEO marketing.

Get a 15 Day Free Trial at 3DCart.comOne of the most cost-effective hosted e-commerce platform. It does not involve any kind of transaction fees, and its hosting packages start at a nominal price of $19.99. its services are offered at low prices. It offers flexibility as it offers a no. of features and options for customizing the online store as per the requirements of the user. Overall, it is a prompt and lightweight platform.

  • Volusion– A well known and recognized brand offering affordable e-commerce solutions to a no. of clients. Various e-commerce templates are offered, and a user is required to choose among them. Processing fees charged is low, and it does not involve any fees for transactions. Starter plan begins at a very minimal price of only $ 15 per month.
  • Yahoo Store– It is an affordable hosted shopping cart offers online e-commerce solutions. A set of features is offered includes unlimited products, disk space, and bandwidth. It starts at a lower price of $19.95. This platform has the biggest market share in leading 10,000 and 1,00,000 websites.
  • Wix– A free website builder recently gained so much popularity among all the range of users. With impressive e-commerce features, excellent virtual design interface is offered at affordable prices. Services are offered at low prices involves setup in a simple and easy way and does not involve any fees for transactions except the monthly charges. It is priced at only $120 for the complete year, quite reasonable.
  • X-Cart Cloud– A reliable and low priced hosted e-commerce platform incurs no transaction fees. It is an open source product, packages begin at only $19.95 per month, making it this a reasonable option.
  • Etsy– A unique and affordable hosted e-commerce platform hosting 30 million users all over the world at affordable prices. A user is required to pay only 3.5 percent for every transaction and $0.20, a one time fee for each and every item given in the list.