Company Introduction

Cloud9 Real time is cloud software solution and Technology Company serving businesses around the globe by offering cloud hosting options. It provides technology like Desktop-as-a-service, Shared Virtual Cloud Servers, Private Virtual Cloud Servers, Hosted Exchange and Hosted QuickBooks. Cloud9 carry business through process of transformation to cloud computing while users operate in cloud.

Company offers redundancy, security, Access and Flexibility, managed cloud computing and quick action in case of any emergency. Technology available to small and medium sized businesses who wish to operate in cloud. It performs all scheduled maintenance after-hours and on weekends to minimize any disturbance to users.

Cloud9 Rebranding Efforts

Company has highlighted its rebranding efforts to boost expertise and competence of their services as well as new and improved work environment for employees. So they enable to serve even more substantial service to clients and users. In addition, their new office look is designer and tempting which motivates employees and great working environment. Through this new changes and redesign makes a professional impression and employees give full dedication towards vision of the company.

Apart from this, marketing team also promoting their new brand via social media, new articles, user events and trade shows. Company has declared new business location in month of May this year at 8080 Dagget Street, San Diego, California 92123. New office will feature latest high technologies which will give new cloud innovation offerings and promote professional and positive working environment.

Cloud9 Virtual Private Server:-

VPS is often chosen by small businesses that require customized website. It has ability of a single user to main multiple virtual servers. User can access their VPS anytime, anywhere with secure backups. It offers seamless windows for multiple Monitor support compatible with iphone, Mac, Anroids and ipad. Provides business flexibility and freedom in what files, software application and data company host and for which users .

VPS Includes:-

  • Mac OS Compatible
  • Customized Online Solutions
  • Automated Backups
  • VIP Support Line Available

Cloud Hosted QuickBooks Desktop Version:-

It offers fully functional desktop version of QuickBooks software in highly secure, multi-user environment . Business owners, employees, accountants and other customers can work in same files at the same time. QuickBooks is ultimate solution for businesses which require real time access from multiple locations with full functionality.

Features of QuickBooks:-

  • Storage system and Document management
  • Free Technical Support
  • Automatic Offsite Backups
  • Private Labeled Portals

Hosted Exchange:-

Cloud9 makes Microsoft Exchange server available to businesses including Microsoft Exchange Server, Sync Email, Contacts and Calendars, 3 options to choose from. It also includes:-

  • Automated Backups
  • Premium Virus Protection
  • Shared Outlook Calendars
  • Mailboxes with 5 to 50 GB of Storage