Generally, Linux hosting is an operating system known as Linux on the server since 1991. Linux is Unix OS system offered as a free open source choice. It has become most popular open source OS in the industry. When you want to start your online website, business, blog or other online projects, Linux hosting is the best choice. Customers can easily modify, use and redistributed in commercial and non-commercial abilities.

Linux Shared Hosting

Linux shared web hosting is the best option if a customer wants to get the benefit of open source OS and applications. Linux hosting includes a LAMP that is Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) bundle. To manage shared hosting in a better way, most hosting providers offer free Cpanel, and they suggested hosting WordPress blog.

Why Linux is a better choice than Windows

Most customers choose Linux for a number of reasons. Linux hosting comes with features such as CGI, PHP, Pearl, and Python, all these are popular options for webmasters. It is the most stable selection for web hosting and offers features which can be used free of cost as compared to Windows Hosting. Options in Windows hosting are ASP and ASP.NET, both are difficult to use.

Top Benefits of Linux Shared Hosting

Linux operating system comes with great features and benefits. With this type of hosting, newcomers can start their website or blog. Let’s check out the advantages of Linux hosting.

Linux offers excellent reliability as it is one of the first operating systems. Mostly Linux users prefer it better than Windows.

Customers can do various things with the help of Linux server, like create a website, multimedia application, forum, blog or other online applications. It's GNU, or General Public License feature can be used with a range of distribution such as Ubuntu, SUE Linux, and Red Hat. Due to this, Linux hosting is much more flexible than others.

Security is an important factor for any type of hosting. Linux hosting has proven to be the safer and secure especially for shared hosting.

Another main advantage of Linux shared hosting is its simplicity. It is simple and user-friendly hosting along with MySQL, PHP, and Perl applications. In comparison to another hosting, Linux has very easy to use a system.

Linux is an open source platform, and it is free to use for your hosting. As a result, hosting companies can keep lower rates compared to Windows hosting. Linux hosting also includes popular and free scripts such as phpBB, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla and so on.

Mostly Linux web hosting companies provide cPanel with their services. cPanel is the popular website management control panel that manages website by using GUI interface. Through cPanel, users can set up databases, email accounts, FTP access and more on Linux shared hosting.

Plesk is another popular website control panel for managing Linux shared hosting and Windows. All hosting providers offer Plesk control panel with their hosting plans.

Choose Right Linux Shared Hosting
Without significant support and time, customers cannot enjoy the benefits of using any type of hosting services. With the best Linux hosting providers, you will get excellent technical support and staff monitors your server 24/7.