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Market-space Meta-market

You shop on the Internet and get a delivery on a specified location. Most E-commerce stores are meta-markets, where customer finds a related cluster of complementary products or services.

In a traditional market, usually, a customer purchases various products or services from different shops. And, when same looked on Internet, a single e-commerce portal lists out all related product or services; hence they are one-stop shops.

On a property dealing website, you would find a list of all the properties. With that a list of finance companies, banks, related magazines, ads section is available.

Hosting Market-space Meta-market

Similarly, a hosting company lists domains, SSL certificates, security tools, web designing and development software, email services with regular hosting plans. Furthermore, a single website where a customer can purchase everything it website needed seamlessly.

The companies have researched the various customer needs and have directed them to specific services. Thus shape the hosting plans as a customer wants. The customer can demand extra features like space, bandwidth, additional IP's, SSL, security tools or backup facility, for which customer pays extra. Not every customer asks for extra features, most of them are not fully conscious or articulate them.

Additional Features – Market-space Meta-market

Most companies provide hosting features beyond the stated or real needs, however, fulfill the unstated needs. Some of the features offered to delight customers.

Scalability – Marketspace Metamarket

The business grows with that hosting needs grows, the hosting provider nowadays offers scalable hosting plans. Hence the customer remains unaffected when they upgrade. The companies keep updating themselves with latest technologies and furthermore offering to their customers. Thus, one-stop hosting perception is working for hosting providers. The customers get service when they want from the same provider.

Customer Segment – Marketspace Metamarket

The companies segment their customers according to the type of websites or app they run. If a customer runs e-commerce portal, then a premium SSL certificate and security tools he/she would like to add on the website. The segmentation is mostly based on the value proposition.

Brand – Market-space Meta-market

The marketplace meta-market concept works for most of the hosting brands. As customer associates each of the services with the brand name. If they are already satisfied, comfortable and convenient with one service, they would surely like to purchase more of their services. Hence, most companies strive for brand image, which makes their services robust, favorable and unique.

Convenience over price – Market-space Meta-market

The hosting customer always has the first preference the present company from where already accessing the services. If in case, the customer not satisfied with the value, i.e., QSP (quality, service, and price), then he/she would look for more options.

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