• Easy Migration: A user takes backup from the on-premises SQL Server, saving it in an Azure storage account, and restoring it to your Azure SQL Managed Instance.
  • Compatible with SQL Server and Linked Server
  • It allows to host up to 100 databases in the same SQL Server instance thus overcoming the cross-database querying limitation of the Azure SQL Database.
  • Supports the common language runtime (CLR) feature
  • Provides access to the system databases, allows the use of SQL Agent jobs, and provides the ability to take copy-only backups of the databases to Azure storage manually.
  • Dedicated Compute and storage services
  • Supports maximum database size of 8TB
  • High Availability: 99.99 to 99.995%
  • Low price

Service Tiers

The General Purpose and the Business-Critical


Supports the In-Memory OLTP, readable secondary replicas, includes more memory per core
offers lower storage latency by using direct-attached storage.