Website loading is slower and responds longer than required, means web master is killing his sales and revenues by himself. Combination of effective content is more sales, and conversion plays important role to increase loading speed of website. Speed of website can be defined as time taken by web page to make visible it on screen after request given by web browser. On traffic trends there is an impact by loading speed of websites. Speed of website is very important, a slow website loading degrades customer interests.

Slow website leads low revenue

Slower websites with poor sales have high bounce rates. Numerous researches have proven that if website loading is too slow or can be accessible in 3 to 6 seconds then many visitors will leave website. This decreases sales and make visitors to develop negative perception about organization.

Speed of website increase the revenue

One of the world popular brand has improved speed of website from 6 seconds to 1.2 seconds and generated 12% more revenue. More confidential factor is there that Google records speed of webpage to calculate website ranking with the help of organic ranking factors. Speed of web pages can be checked by observing Google webmaster tools.

Based upon latest calculated formula, by increasing website speed by every single second 2% of conversion rate can be improved. Many sites like Amazon, ShopZilla, Mozilla and Yahoo has climbed in business by enhancing loading speed of web pages in less than 3 seconds.

How fast is web page?

Website loading time is under 3 seconds which is ideal. Website become visible in 5 seconds then it is considered as good. Less than 10 seconds considered as fair. Website exceeds 10 seconds then it is losing ranking and conversion among other websites.

Metric tools are available to enhance performance of website speed with improvement of web pages. Structure of code can be optimized for fast responses. To execute application quickly for fast website loading hosting power is needed.

Select Fast Dedicated Server for fast website

Website speed depends on mainly web pages architecture, databases and hosting server speed. Choosing right web hosting can make website ranking. Two major hosting services available online are Shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Low resources are available with Shared service with low price. Shared hosting is helpful in delivering small websites with less traffic. Dedicate hosting is expensive with more performance and power.

Dedicated server technology is adapted by businesses for more power and speed. All types of online businesses can draw advantages of fast dedicated hosting. If website resides on cheapest VPS or shared hosting service carrying hundreds of websites then it impacts on server speed. Shared hosting is not offering speed and reliability because there is sharing of resources by many websites hosted on same computer.

Some advantages of dedicated hosting for fast website

Website will load faster

Dedicated server is configured to execute processes in fast manner as it is a powerful machine. Dedicated hosting possesses bandwidth, more reliable infrastructure and resources as compared to another hosting service. Website will execute faster with the help of dedicated hosting and increase website loading speed.

Website will be secure

Most important benefit of dedicated hosting is security of business data. Hackers generally break websites by placing poorly coded hosted website on environment of shared hosting. If webmaster has tested his code for vulnerabilities then for better security and data safety he can easily lock down server.

Website will handle more traffic

If anybody has famous website or business advertising then sudden traffic rise at some times. Dedicated server enables anyone to handle high website load without going down. Web hosts are in better position to handle fast and smooth website traffic if server and code are optimized by him.

Website loading speed should be enhanced to earn great revenue making it profitable for organizations. Visitors will back out due to low site speed. For fast speed improvement in databases and many other things are needed so that page ranking will also be enhanced.