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Ecommerce web site hosting is necessary along with the skyrocketing use of the virtual marketplace. Ecommerce web hosting provides a business web site with special tools for doing business over the internet. E-commerce Web Hosting plan that come with a shopping cart software, an online payment solution, extended data storage, monthly data transfer capacities, security certificates, complex data bases and a merchant account is the best choice for medium sized businesses that have high traffic e-commerce web sites.

The number of products that you sell is a big factor in the type of Ecommerce web hosting package you need. Because listing hundreds of products means – you will probably need more disk space, more bandwidth, and more features such as databases and a secure connection for accepting payments. A tantamount of security features covered by your ecommerce web site hosting solutions synonymously generates customer trust.

Secure Server Certificates: This ensures that sensitive information and data cannot be intercepted and read as it travels through the internet. Therefore the data is encrypted. Security certificates make the site safe for monetary transactions, and databases such as SQL keep track of individual accounts, purchases, inventory, or any transaction. A secure connection is indicated by https at the beginning of a web address.

Shopping carts: Ecommerce shopping cart allows the customer to select items and then purchase them at a virtual check out stand, usually with several payment method options, such as credit cards and Pay Pal.

Our ecommerce hosting plans are perfect for the business that requires a professional shopping cart system, credit card processing, database driven online catalog, scalability and customization. Our goal is to provide affordable ecommerce website hosting services for our clients. We pride ourselves in providing affordable prices that meets your budget. Check out our affordable web hosting prices and let us help you business grow.