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CyberSecurity Research

The small-sized gadgets (IoT – Internet of Things) of the complex interconnected digital web have become intrusive in our personal lives, changing to a virtual lifestyle. Imagine that they are more than the world population. The computers, laptops, iPods, tablets, and IoT are vulnerable to malware like trojans, viruses, worms, spyware, further leads to espionage, and sabotage by hackers, state-sponsored actors, non-state actors, and terrorists.

The new technological advancement and evolution of the Internet have significantly diminished our privacy and confidentiality in the cyber-space. The cybercriminals exploit the vulnerabilities and commit economic, financial, political, and personal cybercrimes. The threat to security leads to loss of confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) and raises a concern to bring 100% secure cyber world.

Thus there is an urgent need to safeguard confidential or official information and to make cyberspace risk-free. The awareness, knowledge, measures, guidance, and guidelines can help to detect security breaches. Essentially a system must have a Firewall, IDPS (Intrusion Detection and Prevention System), UTM (Unified Threat Management) & Antivirus.

Security Measures – Configure Operating System, File System, and Network to Maximum Security

Security Threats

Risk Threats on Small Scale

High-Risk Threats i.e on large scale


IAR (Information Asset Register)

Registers information assets (electronic & physical) for an entity, including data assets (customer information, database admin, server admin), information processing and facilities, components such as software assets, human-resources assets, and other details such as physical location, license details, business value, etc.

IAR Necessity/Requirement

Risk Register

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