WordPress Security Plugins

  • Wordfence: Scans malware, an in-built firewall prevents hacking
  • Sucuri: Regular malware scanning and offers web application firewall to block assaults at the application level
  • ManageWP: Provided by GoDaddy, does update management and backups
  • Jetpack: The plugins offered by Automattic, the commercial company behind WordPress. It offers brute-force attack protection, downtime monitoring, spam filtering, site backup, a secure login upgrade, two-factor authentication, malware scanning, and a log of all site changes.
  • BBQ (Block Bad Queries): Web Application Firewall, intercepts all URL requests and filters bad requests which hacker might be trying to exploit the vulnerabilities.
  • Limit Login Attempts Reloaded: Blocks excessive brute-force login attempts, if somebody is trying to pound on a website to login, it would stop responding after a set of efforts.
  • All In One WP Security & Firewall
  • iThemes Security

Arvixe Secure and Fast Managed WordPress Hosting Packages Declared

New managed hosting offerings for WordPress websites
  • Featuring security
  • Reliability
  • High-speed
  • Automated remote backups
WordPress is constructed to be served using the Apache web server, in some applications, leaner, newer Nginx server can perform better.
Using custom-built virtual servers supplied by their datacenter Arvixe can provide
  • Reverse proxied
  • Load balanced
Managed WordPress hosting on secured locations depending on the customer's need.
Managed WordPress hosting packages will become available in three options

WordPress Hosting From Arvixe

With Arvixe, you will get best WordPress hosting tuned and compatible with any WordPress theme or plugin. Company provides optimized environment for increasing speed and security of your WordPress websites.
  • Pre-Installed and Pre-Configured WordPress : Arvixe provides basic WordPress installations, Users doesn't need to worry about installation.
  • Performance and Security Designed for WordPress : Company prevent hackers and spammers from WordPress website. Users freely enjoy their tour to WordPress website.
  • International Data Centers : Host WordPress in the US, Europe, and soon Asia for international reach.
  • WordPress Hosting That Scales : Company offers Shared, VPS, Dedicated and Cloud Hosting. Users can get 24/7 support for managed WordPress hosting
  • Inc500 Award Winner : Till date, company has got many awards for world class WordPress hosting Products.