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Web Hosting Terms

Venturing into the world of web hosting can be a little like entering a foreign country. Unfortunately, when searching for a web host, many customers simply look for the cheapest or most affordable web hosting service. It’s imperative that you know about various features so you can make an informed decision. Here you’ll find the definitions of some web hosting terms that you will need at least a passing knowledge of.

Web Hosting Terms


A set of web technologies built by Microsoft that makes it easier to build Web applications and XML Web services. Pages are executed on the web host server, where HTML is generated and sent to the browser. Code is generally hidden from the end-user.


This is a type of account in which your web hosting company provides server hardware that only you can use. This usually results in a much faster loading time for your site.  Dedicated server web hosting is a must for web sites that require higher data transfer rates.


Domain names allow people to find your web site without the use of a numerical (IP) address. To most of us, it simply means, but the domain name between the www and the .com can really make or break a web site’s success. A good web hosting company will offer domain name registration services, and it may be more affordable going through your web hosting company.


This is an actually POP e-mail account on your web host's e-mail server. Before you choose a specific hosting plan, you should know exactly how many email accounts are required to meet your specific needs. A good hosting company will offer web e-mail hosting.


PHP is another scripting language. Like ASP, its commands are embedded within the HTML of a web page. PHP web hosting requires that commands be executed on the web server, and does not rely on browser types.


A web server which shares its resources with multiple users. This is the opposite of a dedicated server web hosting in that the hardware is shared with other customers.

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