India Web Hosting

The fastest growing international market.

The country is a huge market with an estimated 460 million online users and increasing with the enormous growth of mobile Internet environment.

India Web Hosting BusinessBoth Small and Medium-size business are looking to set up their hub in the country's emerging market. From the web design and development services, these companies want to offer domain registration, hosting packages and on-demand services. Other services provided include an e-commerce platform, blog templates, podcast package, image hosting.

Statistics – Hosting In India

A study by Google-KPMG reveals that India has over 51 million small businesses out of which, 68% are offline, i.e., they don't have the Internet connectivity, personal computer and don't use social media for business purposes.

According to the estimates of market and consumer data platform Statista, the country has 460 million users out of 1.3 billion population, and in 2016, only 29.55% of India’s population used the internet. Social media also has poor penetration in the country, with 216.5 million users as of 2016.

Godaddy launched services in Hindi, Marathi, and Tamil to enable more small businesses across India to build an online presence.

Cloud Computing Big Companies: WS, Microsoft, Google, and Alibaba

Cloud Computing Customers

  • Used mostly by large enterprises and legacy companies dedicated to creating tools and applications.
  • e-commerce, adtech, healthcare and financial services

Latest News

  • (June 2016) DigitalOcean launched its first data center in Bangalore, India