Monitoring Web Access

Monitoring Web AccessOver 1.8 billion websites are online, according to the Netcraft January 2018 web server survey. Furthermore, from the World Wide Web Size, it is revealed that they contain over 4.9 billion pages. And, the worldwide total number of Internet users is 3.58 billion. Every time any webpage accessed, a log entry is generated at provider end. The Internet provider stores this log, which tracks the requesting device, user, time and spatial location. This log has a huge amount of enormously valuable clickstream data, which is used by companies to explore marketing opportunities. On the user end, also data stored in the form of cookies, which track webpage received date-time access and user identifying information.

The present Website environment includes cloud and modern system architecture like microservices and container architectures. The volume and complexity of this application data increased so much that, cannot be handled by traditional tools. The new and better technology offers performance and scalability to ingest, aggregate and analyze this flood of information in real-time.

Benefits: Monitoring Web Access

The organizations need to monitor logs and traces to understand system behavior and take predictive and corrective actions. The records help to identify intrusion attempts and misconfigurations, track application performance, strengthen security against cyber attacks. Furthermore, the IT team can perform root cause analysis and analyze system behavior, performance, measures and metrics based on the logs analysis. Hence improves customer satisfaction.

Log Management

The collection, storing, analyzing and reporting of the large volumes of application- and system-generated log messages. Both the commercial and open source tools are available for log monitoring analysis. Their features include powerful search capabilities, real-time visibility with dashboards, historical analytics, reports, alerts notifications, thresholds, and trigger alerts, measurements, and metrics with graphs, application performance monitoring and profiling and tracing events.

Web Analyzer – Monitoring Web Access

Monitor Streaming web access logs in real-time to check website health and flag errors.

Scalyr -Monitoring Web Access

The technology provides log aggregation, system metrics, and server monitoring on any infrastructure. It supports all types of logs, including those from the traditional application and network environments. The agents stored on server collect web access logs, system logs, application logs, system and server metrics, external probes, and more and compiles it in centralized log management and monitoring platform. The users can holistically visualize and analyze the raw data of the applications and services running across containers and pods.

The technology can monitor Docker environments and other microservices and container architectures. Now has extended log management, monitoring and troubleshot issues in Kubernetes and Amazon Web Services (AWS) CloudWatch environments including AWS’ serverless computing platform Lambda.

The ELK Stack

It combines Elasticsearch modern search and analytics engine based on Apache Lucene, Logstash providing data processing and enrichment, and Kibana offering offers logs discovery and visualization.

VMware vRealize Log Insight

A log collection and virtual analytics appliance enable administrators to collect, view, manage and analyze Syslog data.
Furthermore provides real-time monitoring of application logs, network traces, configuration files, messages and performance data. It can manage infrastructure, consolidate logs, monitor and troubleshoot vSphere and IT environments, as well as perform security auditing and compliance testing. The application has an HTML5 web interface and features customizable dashboards can be shared and exported, based on saved queries, composed of customizable widgets that can tailor the layout of graphs, reports, and alerts. The user interface also features a search function.

Splunk platform in SaaS and enterprise editions

Used for searching, analyzing and visualizing the machine-generated data gathered from the websites, applications, sensors, and devices. The platform communicates with different log files and stores files data in the form of events into local indexes.


An open source log monitoring tool which performs centralized log monitoring and used for data processing.