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Wordperss wp-login.php Brute Force Attack

WORDPRESS” a brand, popular worldwide, the only CMS that no one is ignorant weather site is hosted on Linux or Windows platform. It is a platform that supports a number of individuals and even organizations to build and run their business. But like a saying goes, “Avoid popularity, as it brings along snares“. Hacking is the biggest ‘snare’ on the internet today and so as to WordPress. WordPress is facing the problem of brute force attacks. Unlike hacks that aim at causing vulnerabilities in software, a brute force attack aims at gaining access to a site, by continuously trying the username and passwords until they get into it. They can be very successful when people use passwords like ‘123456' and usernames like ‘admin.'.

The brute force attacks came into limelight in April 2010 and then since became a great threat to the WordPress. About 90,000 compromised servers are trying to break into WordPress websites by trying to guess the username and passwords to get into the WordPress ‘admin’ panel, continuously. Because of these attacks, the server runs out of memory due to a large number of continuous HTTP requests, causing a problem of storage and slow speed for the users.

This type of attack is widespread and common for websites but since WordPress is very popular, it has become the chief target for these attackers.

But, since technology has given rise to these evils, the same technology has the ways to resolve and tackle them. We can protect our website from these attacks if we follow certain protective rules.

Don’t use ‘ADMIN’ as your username. The past reviews say that a large number of WordPress websites were hacked as their owners used ‘admin’ as their username. So, if you have the account with this username, create a new one today and move all the posts and important data to it.

Passwords are a great way to secure our accounts. A good and tough password would make it impossible for brute force attackers to succeed in guessing them. So, select a good password for your account.

Things to avoid when choosing a password:

These were some of the simple measures for protecting your WordPress. There are some technical and even more secure measures that can be implemented to secure your WordPress. These are illustrated as under:

If these measures are used and implemented in a proper way, the problem of brute force attack could be avoided and resolved by everyone on an individual ground and this threat would no more prevail on the Internet.

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