Dedicated Server  Hosting

This article is just perfect for those who have a hard time differentiating between Shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is when more than one website shares only one server. However shared hosting has its share of problems such as if the server experiences technical problems then all the websites hosted on the particular website will experience problems. This is the reason why many companies are switching over to a dedicated hosting service. A company can buy a dedicated server or it can even lease a web hosting server.

A dedicated web hosting server can give high returns on investment.

A dedicated server hosting service provider can produce good returns on any investment. This is mainly due to the fact that the overhead costs are very negligible. Having a private server may turn out to be very expensive for the company, but in the long run, it can turn out to profitable. Price mainly depends on the server configuration and bandwidth.

Companies that do not have a staff trained in IT may hire staff to be able to look after the server. As a business owner, you can let the service provider look after the technical aspects of maintaining the server and to deal with all the problems that it may face. This way you can devote your time to the other aspects of your business. If you are not experienced in hosting activity; then it would be wise to get the services of a dedicated hosting service provider.

A dedicated hosting service is very much necessary for your business
If you do not have an inkling as to how you are going to make your presence felt on the internet; then it would be wise to start out with a dedicated hosting. This way you do not have to bother about the technical details you can simply rely on the service provider to take care of it. In fact, the hosting company will take the trouble to explain all the technical know-how in a way that you can understand easily. Now a good hosting company will always keep you informed of every single action that is being taken and most of the action will be taken with your consent only. You can rest assured that the company will not take any drastic action that is unauthorized.

If you are apprehensive about using the internet then you should hire the service of a dedicated hosting service provider. A lot of companies have discovered over a period of time that doing business on the internet can be very profitable as they can reach out to a much wider global market. Once you avail such services you will see a considerable increase in the amount of revenue that you bring in.

So even if you are just starting out and you do not have a lot of knowledge about the internet you can still deal with such things. However, you must find a reliable service provider who will provide you with the best possible services for reasonable prices.

Dedicated Server or Web Server

Server allocated only for your websites or your clients. You are in full control of resource allocation. Server range and cost increase with hardware and bandwidth. You can select the hardware, Operating System, Software (Control Panel), data center and a provider will assemble it. You get root or admin access.

Un-managed: You take care of software installed on servers, up-gradation of Operating System and updations of all the add-on software.

Target Customer: Big Enterprises or Web Hosting Companies

Why you need Dedicated Hosting or Server?

Dedicated Hosting client get the sole control of the resource of the provided server.

Website Performance: If your site is performing well and you need top advantages, with improved performance and security, then, you are suggested for Dedicated Server. Although it is an expensive option, ideal for your website to expand and grow.

  • Security: You can add highest levels of security against adware and malware
  • If your application is e-commerce website, real-time or Just-in-time application, then you cannot afford to have a slow site with increased load time for pages or website going down frequently, giving error messages to your site visitors. Reliability, Speed are primary concerns and guaranteed uptime is much required.
  • SiteGeek suggests, if you are getting more than 1000 of traffic a day, then go for Dedicated Server. Also, if you allow downloadable content and videos, hosting on a dedicated server is the best option.

The Web Hosting Company

  • You can sell the hosting services (Shared and Reseller) by creating plans. Furthermore, sharing both a physical server and software applications with other websites.
  • You can run thousands of sites on the server depending upon its capacity.
  • To be competitive in the market, create the hosting plans which are convenient and profitable.
  • Understand the need for various business websites. How much storage capacity, server speed, reliability, control, and amount of technical knowledge required?
  • For Premium Clients VPS (Virtual Private Servers) can be offered, as it ensures fewer websites per server.