Leading Hybrid IT Solutions wholly-owned subsidiary of Shaw Communications Inc. (SJR)

Services Offered: cloud, colocation, compliance services, IT and infrastructure solutions and security solutions

Cloud solutions include private, public and compliant clouds, disaster recovery, and managed services for public hyperscale cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

No. of Data Centers: 30 across America, Canada and Europe, The Lone Mountain Data Center (Nevada), five data centers in Colorado

The Compark Data Center
Place: Centennial
Opened in: 2014
Floor Capacity: 278,000 sq. feet
Power Usage Effectiveness: 1.3
Power Density: 1500 watts per sq. foot

Uptime: 100%


Regional Vice President of Sales: Alex Gerrard
Director Product Management: Michele Corvino
Chief Data Center Officer: Dave Leonard
President and CEO: Nancy Phillips
COO: Peter Strauss
CFO: Michael Keza
CTO: Jason Carolan
CMO: Jeff Gaillard
Senior vice president and general counsel: Joe Guerriero
Vice president of human resources: Anne McCord
Senior vice president of sales: Jason Nance

What for Customers?

  • Balancing cost, scalability and security solutions.
  • Maximum reliability and flexibility
  • Increased connectivity for colocation and cloud services.
    Energy efficient with redundant power and physical security.

Latest News

  • (April 10, 2017) ViaWest Adds Cloud Node in the Colorado region to Help Rocky Mountain users to access applications more efficiently.
    (March 20, 2017) ViaWest Expands Lone Mountain Data Center in North Las Vegas To Accommodate Client Demand For Colocation, Cloud Services and managed services.
  • (BUSINESS WIRE November 01, 2016) AppliedTrust, a ViaWest company, designated as an HITRUST CSF Assessor. The company is approved by HITRUST to evaluate and certify organizations according to the HITRUST CSF, the most widely adopted comprehensive security framework in U.S. healthcare industry.
  • ApplieTrust is leading consulting firm that solves hard IT problems using Secure DevOps as a framework. The company focuses on client systems and networks to make them secure, available and perform at peak. The company helps clients to understand threats and requirements, identify risk impact and develop proactive plans for quick remediation such as the HIPAA Security Rule, PCI DSS, NIST, NERC CIP and others.
  • Target Customers: financial services, government, healthcare, technology and other industries

Viawest: Company Overview

Viawest is one of the popular privately held data center, cloud providers and managed services in North America. They supervise enterprise class data centers in Nevada, Colorado, Minnesota, Utah, Arizona and Texas. Company is offering comprehensive suite of managed services, collocations and cloud services to small, medium and large businesses. It’s been 16 years company is offering excellent hosting solutions and help to meet reliability, security and scalability in business.

Viawest Area of Functionality:

Viawest provides consumers hybrid IT solutions through local teams and ensure availability of applications and data.

Integrated IT solutions for Common Business:

Hybrid IT solutions, website hosting, cloud recovery, HIPAA complaint cloud, office mail and collaboration.

Advisory Services:

Security and conformity, DevOps automation, migration and appraisal, technology strategy.

Business offers Solutions:

Colo and network services, cloud recovery, Virtual private cloud, PCI solutions, network protection, Preventative security.


Viawest provides excellent customer support along with continuous server monitoring.

Customer Base:

30 data centers in 9 regions

Company Operations Located:

Colorado, Canada, Texas, Utah, Minnesota, Arizona, Oregon and Calgary.

Market Cap:

$65 Million


Approx 3000 employees plus 13500 financial advisors.

Reliability and Uptime Report:

Viawest provides 100% SLA for power, network services and bandwidth availability. It also offers customizable solutions for server power and space. Moreover, it defines multi layered security zones, personalized bio readers and camera surveillance packages as well.

Viawest services and solution include:

  • Colocation
  • Hybrid Hosting
  • Managed Hosting
  • Business continuity
  • Managed services
  • Internet access


Viawest has thousand of business customers depend on them to keep their system and data available such as the Denver Broncos, Chipotle, Frontier Airlines and exclusive resorts. Company provides information management tools like mysupport and Metrics to help them to monitor system performance and applications. Viawest always value the relationship with the customer. They offer choice of hybrid hosting, managed services solutions, managed hosting, collocation and business continuity. Their managed services include database management, data protection, system administration and security services.

Apart from this, their proactive maintenance and regular audit resulted in 100% infrastructure uptime. Company’s managed service provider focusing on core competencies to increase profitability and growth of the business. Moreover, Viawest data centers include various components such as physical site security, backup, power delivery, fire and smoke deduction systems, network operations center, cabling, cooling and environmental controls and redundant networks.

Technical Support:

24/7 technical support is available for the customers. Moreover, technical team monitors servers all the time to avoid technical issues. Viawest headquartered in Denver, Colorado including 16 data centers in 5 states. Their all data centers staffed with onsite experts 24/7 and account manager and local sales support.

Cancellation Policy

Viawest do have cancellations policy and customers can terminate their account only in accordance with company’s service agreement. To cancel the account, customers have to give written request to the company.


Overall, Viawest is popular best in class IaaS provider and well trusted partner in the online industry. It provides comprehensive world class data centers and IaaS of collocation, virtual private cloud and dedicated private cloud. Company also provides exceptional customer experience and managed services. It is a unique personal approach. Additionally, Viawest offers flexible, personalized and tailored solutions.