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Latest News And Web Hosting Review B-smarthosting : Company Overview

B-Smart hosting is a company who gives solutions for web hosting as well as domain hosting. It was established in Netherlands & start from 1 Euro per month, which makes it one of the cheapest web hosting. It offers four hosting plans these are budget web hosting, starter web hosting, business web hosting & professional web hosting. It also offers domain registering & transfer. Control panel is available with all web hosting packages. This is a complete web hosting provider to support email organization, web hosting, SQL database etc.

Performance & reliability

B-smarthosting uses modern & high-quality servers, Cisco switches & routers. Hyper-threading technology provides outstanding performance & headroom for peak workload. Cisco switches support advance features such as IP routing, QoS, granular rate limiting, security access control lists (ACLs) & multicast management. It is with advance technology & because of that it performs well which makes b-smarthosting a reliable choice over others. It uses several data center each of which features high-level security. With fast service redundancy & multiple ISP connections, it is one of the best service providers at very low cost.

Hosting plans

B-smarthosting renders four hosting plans. These are budget webhosting, starter webhosting, business webhosting & professional webhosting. These are available with subdomains & parked domains. With it, it also offers email addresses which render SMTP servers, POP3 server etc. It also includes mysql & MySQL database. It also provides PHP, Perl etc. scripting. There are lots of facilities b-smarthosting is providing, which are available on its website.

Features & control panel

There are subdomains & parked domains available with b-smarthosting. With it, it also offers email addresses which render mail boxen, spam filter, email aliasses, box trapper, SMTP servers, POP3 server etc. It also includes phpmyadmin, PDO_mysql, mysql & mysql database. It also renders SSI, GD library, php, perl, free, soap scripting etc. With it web based file manager, multimedia support etc. & many more features are available. With each webhosting plan for more security & good performance, an additional control panel is available. Customer can order online for account opening. It can be done in three easy steps. Check domain name availability, choose hosting plan & finally make payment.


If customer has any technical querry then he need to send a mail to customer care department. Since b-smarthosting is providing webhosting at very low prices, it does not have any phone helpdesk. Technical support through mail is provided for 24/7. Support through knowledgebase in faq section is available on website. There are different categories to choose from, depends on problem facing by the customer.

Pros & cons

Refund policy

Since b-smartwebhosting is available at a very low cost, there is no refund policy. Still a customer can take a risk because its services start at quite a low price.


B-smartwebhosting is a solution for customers who want to use web hosting but cannot afford it. It is one of the cheapest webhosting service provider. It is available at very low price, still renders most of the services required for web hosting. It uses high quality & advance equipment to provide best of the services for web hosting & domain hosting as well.

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