In this ever changing world, to keep abreast with the latest technology has become a necessity if you need to excel in any field. When it comes to the world of Hosting Services the latest technological advancements have resulted in development of Cloud Servers.

It has become easy to manage your website, store data and deal with peaks and troughs in visitor traffic on your website in an efficient, reliable and secure manner without burning a huge hole in your pocket. Thanks to Cloud Servers.

There is a plethora of reasons that easily convince us to glide over to a Cloud Servers. Most impressive of them are as follows:

  1. Scalability- If your website uses a cloud server it is extremely easy and quick to scale your resources up and down as per the business requirement. If you had to scale up your resources and IT infrastructure each time your business saw a peak, it would take much longer to do it physically. You need not have extra resources at all times if you are on a cloud server as you can increase or decrease your RAM, Disk space or CPU power dynamically with cloud server without any fuss.
  2. Greater uptime- If your website is dependent on a single server then the uptime of your website will be affected each time there is a problem with that server. But in case of a cloud server website can have maximum uptime because if there is a problem with one server then the cloud instantaneously provides additional resources for your website ensuring maximum uptime.
  3. Ensured Data backup- Every business needs to have data backup for its continuity in case there is a data loss. Cloud servers are easily backed up. Your data is secure as there are redundant data copies made. All the data centres have multiple layers of physical security which ensures that your data is safe in the cloud.
  4. Cost Effective- When using Cloud servers you pay for what you use only. It comes out to be cost effective as there is no permanent capital investment. Also there is no need to buy costly IT infrastructure and hiring staff for its maintenance. Office space required is also much less.
  5. Easy access – while using a cloud server you can access your data from any location in the world, at any given time. It is also possible for more than one person to access any given application or data. Thus all the members working on a particular project can work simultaneously from different locations using the Cloud.
  6. Automatic software upgrades- when using cloud server you get the benefit of having upgraded version of various softwares.
  7. Easy shifting- If you need to shift your location it is easy to change data centres in a cloud servers. Physical shifting of huge IT equipment is extremely difficult.
  8. Better management- Managing the various jobs and projects in hand becomes easier if you are using cloud server. The resources and the data can be monitored and tracked efficiently from anywhere and at any time. It becomes easier to plan ahead for future endeavours and expansion of business.
  9. Better utilization of IT staff- Your highly trained and useful IT staff members need not be wasted in upgrading and maintaining your IT infrastructure and creating backups. All this is taken care of by the Cloud Server. The same people can be utilized at increasing your business and improving your website.
  10. Environment friendly- The carbon emissions that are related to an on-site dedicated server are huge. Those who use cloud servers are doing their bit for Mother Nature too! The carbon footprint of such businesses is much less as they use only the cyber space that is required by them at any particular given point of time.

Cloud Servers are becoming extremely popular because of all these inherent benefits.