What is Elgg?

Elgg is a social networking engine that is open source in nature. It is being successfully used by a number of educational institutions and organizations who have a social network of their own. It is regarded as one of the most robust options available to create an online platform. Many companies have gone through a very fruitful brand building process with it . Elgg has received a number of awards for its brilliant performance and features that empower one to create applications that are socially relevant.

Elgg requires a web server that is a combination of Apache web server, MySQL Database and PHP interpreted scripting language. There some more specific requirements too for running Elgg which need to be conferred upon.

Elgg Hosting

Elgg Hosting is very popular hosting today because it has a lot to offer. People are easily running large platforms using it and find it to be extensively powerful. Its ease of use and extendibility are factors that attract developers. Also the architecture of Elgg is excellent by all standards. It can be easily used for both small networks and large ones too. A beginner will find it easy to use and it will never disappoint a professional because of its advanced features. Its plug-ins make it more attractive.

Elgg Hosting Features

A number of web hosts provide Elgg Hosting and you can pick the one that suits your requirements and pocket. But all of them essentially provide some features that are worth considering such as:

  • Single Click Elgg Installer which is generally provided free of cost.
  • There is always a lot of bandwidth and space provided for putting media and videos on your Elgg site. Sometimes the bandwidth and space provided is unlimited.
  • You get an unlimited number of Sub-domains or Add-on domains. Also some hosts will provide you with parked domains too which are unlimited.
  • Server backups are there which are done on a daily basis and are usually free.
  • To get super fast page loading , the web hosts use Swift Servers that guarantees that your website will load at lightning fast speeds.
  • If you have an existing Elgg website with some other web host and you want to transfer it to a new host , the new host will be happy to do it for you free of cost.
  • Most web hosts will offer you with a choice of hosting server location. You can choose the one nearer to your geographical location.
  • To maintain high level of reliability and security the networks are regularly monitored and the network is always redundant. This ensures 99.9% uptime.
  • The developers will always be happy as they get many simple and advanced features like PHP5.2,5.3,5.5 and Apache 2.2 and many ore. Also you get unlimited MySQL databases. If required, web host also provide SSL certificate.
  • Many e-commerce features are also provided if required by the client.
  • There is always a customer support team there to help you.
  • Elgg has a very large and talented online community backing it up. It is a wonderful asset and proves helpful all the time.
  • You get to have a control over who views your web site.

Elgg Hosting ensures that all your requirements for putting a socially vibrant and attractive social media website are fulfilled properly and you never fall short of any desired feature. You can continuously refine and update your Elgg website as Elgg is a collaborative tool and is being continuously improved by its community members in terms of its capabilities, functionality, security and stability.