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Windows Vs Linux hosting

With the two Windows and Linux hosting, the decision whether to launch the website using Windows based or Linux based web hosting plan is a difficult decision to make especially for the first time users. Which would be the most ideal plan for them?

The difference between the two – Linux Hosting and Windows web hosting – is not known to many. With cost being an important consideration, some people are of the opinion that the Windows based plan would be highly expensive as compared to a Linux package. But this is not true, as with a little bit of survey one may be able to find a Windows web hosting package that may be equivalent to the Linux package or even less in terms of pricing.

Without any kind of technical background most people are under the impression that since their personal computer is Windows based the ideal one would be the Windows based hosting plan but it is not true.

The gap as regards the differences in the use of Windows based hosting package and the Linux based web hosting package has only narrowed over the years and today there are hardly any differences that exist between the two. Linux, although has been in the web hosting industry for longer than Windows and has a whole lot more experience to its account.

Therefore, the decision regarding which web hosting package has absolutely no relevance to the operating system that is being used on your system. Some differences that do exist between the Windows web hosting plan and the Linux web hosting are elaborated below so as to facilitate decision-making.

1. The Features That You Need To Use:

2. Speed:

3. Security

4. Reliability

Linux has been a favorite with the online servers due to its high reliability factor. It has quite a few features of the Windows and Unix operating systems. A 99.9% rate of reliability makes it one that would not give way and not crash leaving you in the middle of nowhere. Windows may have been used a little less as it cannot really match up with Linux in case of the reliability factor.

Windows, being a popularly used operating system for most home PCs has come under close scrutiny and so it proves to be one negative point for Windows. Linux is the commonly used type of server and therefore it has been hacked on more number of times. But even if security is the important factor under consideration it is the hosting company that should be closely scrutinized for its skill levels rather than trying to analyze the merits and demerits of the server that they use.

It would be advisable to use the Windows hosting plans in case you decide to make your website using the Microsoft proprietary technologies. The Linux web hosting plan may not be very suitable for it as it does not offer much support to these technologies.

The decision regarding which web hosting platform one would use is ultimately depends on the features and the service that one is looking at. Thus, one should concentrate on making the website one that truly projects your image and then go through the pros and cons of the two web hosting plans- Windows and the Linux web hosting plan- and make the final decision on the basis of what you are looking for in a web hosting plan.

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