Promoting a new company in the crowded industry of web hosting today is really hard. There are many tactics that work well and are legitimate, and you can use them to promote your company.

Referral Program

The referral program system is one of the best ways to get new customers. You can set up the system to make your current customers refer new customers. The customers have a special tracking id that they can give to other people they want to refer. This way, when an existing customer's id has been used the customers receives a commission. Also, you should refer the customer an account where he can check the statistics of his campaign. It's better to sign up the customer for the referral program so they can start referring people to your site right away. For the management and tracking mentioned above, you can use some ready-made soft wares that you can find on the web.

Word of Mouth

That's just about the same as the referral program, the difference consists in not paying the commission to the customer that refers new customers. This is a very good way to promote your web hosting service. To make one of your customers refer other customers you should be providing a very good service to make that customer happy. So, make sure you keep the existing customers happy because a happy customer base means more business is coming your way.

Positive Testimonials

You can ask your customers if they are happy and if the answer is positive you can ask them to submit a testimonial or to review your company.

There are a lot of good forums where web hosting is discussed. You can join this kind of forums and contribute and offer help to others members while keeping your signature with your URL at the bottom of your post. You can post in the signature your weekly or monthly special offers.

you can help others on these web hosting forums and can send new customers to your website, meaning more business for your web hosting business. But don't just go there to post an ad, be active and be a part of the forum's community.


By offering some kind of special offers you can literally see your traffic soar. You can make a special offer reducing the price of the bandwidth to half if the price for 100 Mb would be $10 you could make a special offer to $5. This way the customer would save $5 and this is a thing a lot of people are interested in.

For a good profit, special rules might need to be applied, like an offer being available for monthly payments only. This might not be a good idea since some potential customers might stay away because they want to prepay for a longer period.

This method might not be good for you but it's good for the customers and if you will allow the customers to pay in advance that will bring in more customers.

Offering bigger discounts you can get more customers.

Give Bonus with every order

This one is very good and is very easy to do it for your company. You could give a good bonus for purchasing anything. There are many things that you can give as a bonus, from a special template to a special e-book that the customer might be interested in.