When it comes to website monitoring beginners have a lot to learn. However, the basics aren’t so difficult to learn about network monitoring so a beginner can really learn the necessities fairly quickly. Some of the basics are provided below-

First of all, when you are looking for a network monitoring service you want to find one that will notify you immediately of any problem that I detected. This type of monitoring service will save you a lot of downtime because the problem is detected immediately allowing restoration to occur more rapidly.

First, your HTTP should be monitored so that if any unauthorized changes are made you will know immediately. The same goes to ensure that a valid response code is running. Multiple pages should be monitored for best results. HTTPS should also be monitored to ensure they are secure. You want your PING to be monitored as well as it will ping your web site IP address to make sure all is well. The same goes for POP3 server monitoring and SMTP. FTP monitoring is also very desirable.

Make sure that the website monitoring service you choose does not simply notify you of problems via email. You may not be in front of your computer to deal with the situation immediately. Choose a network monitoring service that will notify your email, cell phone, and even your Instant Messaging service to ensure you get the message as promptly as possible.