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Cyber Squatting

The issue with cyber squatting is a large one as each year the websites loose a considerable amount of money due to this process. This practice of taking the large part of the domain completely unethically is not at all a new matter however. There are a lot of cases that took place before as well as at present. This form of theft which is also a kind of cyber crime, has become, as a result, a major problem in the website making industry, the domain industries as well as the companies are suffering great loss because of this kind of rapid theft and as a result they are looking for useful remedies to this problem.

There are a lot of things and matters that are linked with the case of cyber squatting. As there are a lot of companies that are coming to the field of expansion, they are finding the existing market as a very congested one. In this kind of market expansion can not be done except facing with a great many trouble. As the offline market has become too crammed with a lot many companies the competition that has been built has stopped the normal expansion of the companies. The competition in the offline has pushed the companies to look for other avenues of expansion. In this respect the companies are thinking for the alternative options for promotion and marketing.

The Online market, as can be seen now, is a vast place where the companies can have all the space that they require for their promotions. At the same time the companies can also make their own websites for making their expanded online. They can make the advertisements and promotions of their brands online as well as they can also launch the new products online which will attract more and more customers online. However, for that matter there are a lot of domains selling service providers who can help in this matter. To run the website, the companies generally have to buy the domains. Here comes the option of cyber squatting.

There are people, extremely proficient in the networking works that do this kind of cyber crime. Now that that more and more people are being proficient in advanced networking they are finding new ways, ways that are not proper, to do the business. There are companies as well who indirectly promote this kind of cyber crime as they buy these domain spaces in considerably lower prices and then set their websites there. But because of this the companies find it very problematic to utilize the full space of the website. At the same time the domain selling companies are facing huge loss as the space that they are buying for the domains are getting used by the unnamed recipients who are not paying. In the last one year only there are a lot of losses that have been suffered by the website making companies as well as the clients. Such losses, if the continue then very soon the companies have to give up their service threatened by the cyber squatting.

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