People on the net are usually in a terribly big hurry. There are usually a lot of things to see and virtually no time to check it out. So how much time will the typical web browser give to a site that’s taking a little too long to open and slow access to your site is killing your business. whats your opinion?

Slow access of site killing the business. Matters become even more critical when somebody is using a search engine, like the majority of visitors to your web site will be doing. Somebody has just typed in a few key words into a search engine. The long list of headlines and web sites that are generated mean nothing to them. All they want is relevant information as quickly as possible.

Spent on search engine submission and all the other marketing stuff people do so as to get a good search engine listing is a total waste of money if the site can’t load quickly enough.

The speed at which your site will load is totally dependant on company hosting your site.The quality of your host’s Network, hardware and their operating system will have a direct impact on speeds at your site. It will help a great deal if your host is a professional operation that regularly monitors shared server CPU loads, memory utilization, network throughput and response times to ensure that every web site hosted receives the highest level of service available.

Unfortunately not many hosting services do this.

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