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Linux Foundation LiFT Training Scholarship Program

The last date to submit applications is August 31, 2018, for a scholarship representing thousands of dollars in value (excluding travel expenses). These scholarships are supported by Linux Foundation members to help to train the developers and IT professionals for future. The LiFT would select 16 individuals in eight categories, who wish to contribute to the advancement of open source software and further to influence their future.

The open source community aims to bring more local and international talent of developers and sysadmins with interest in becoming open-source professionals. The training would expand diversity in technology and would help the trainees to get most-in-demand and lucrative jobs in the IT industry.

Linux Foundation

The winners in all categories would elect to take a Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator, Linux Foundation Certified Engineer, Certified OpenStack Administrator, Cloud Foundry Certified Developer or Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam at no cost following the completion of their training course.

The scholarship offered in the following categories:

  • LFS201 – Essentials of System Administration and the Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator exam
    Linux Newbies who know Linux basics and have completed LFS101x – Intro To Linux Through EDX can apply.
  • Teens-in-Training: Students in the age group of 13 to 18 years who have already started using Linux and open source software and want to get a head start on a career in the field.
  • Women in Open Source: The women in the Linux and open source community and want to take opportunity and initiative for themselves.
  • SysAdmin Super Star: Applicants using Linux or open source software in their workplace but want to take their work to the next level.
  • Developer Do-Gooder: To enhance Developers skills using Linux and open source software to advance their communities to submit applications.
  • Blockchain Blockbuster: Advance training for individuals who have implemented and using blockchain technologies in innovative ways.
  • Cloud Captain: Applicants working with open source cloud-native technologies and need further training to enhance their organizations’ digital transformations.
  • Linux Kernel Guru: Individuals who have already worked with the Linux kernel community and can become more valuable contributors.
  • Networking Notable Professionals who want to take their network to the next level with additional training and have transformed networks using software-defined networking and other open source solutions

About Linux

Linux is an open source and available for free, but the training or support provided is chargeable. Its license comes as non-commercial, personal-use open source. Hence without any legal complications can be used in experimental or computer labs. The open source means although you can see the code, don't have legal rights to modify it.