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Getting ripped off by hosting companies

Tired of getting ripped off by hosting companies? Here are some tips on how to avoid that fate!

1. Keep Your Domains Separate From Your Hosting Company

2. Diskspace and Bandwidth Are Marketing Terms

3. Test Support Before You Signup

4. Research The Host – Review Sites, Forums, and Blogs

5. Save Money With Hosting Coupons

6. Do Your Own Backups – Trust No One!

7. Use Paypal or a One Time Use Credit Card

8. Avoid Really Long Contracts Unless You Trust The Company

9. You Get What You Pay For – Don't Stress!

Yes, u r rite.Too many people think they actually need 200GB of bandwidth and 50GB of diskspace to run their little blog. The numbers don't matter anymore because hosting companies now offer more resources then you can actually use! They use these huge numbers to sucker you in and you just need to ignore them. You need to look at what really matter such as how good the hosting companies support is, their reputation, when and how their support is available, and what you need in terms of reliability versus what you are willing to pay. Don't get suckered into a hosting company because they have bigger numbers then another.

If your site is important or even generating you income you need to do backups. I don't care if your host says they are doing daily backups to a bunker 100 feet underground don't trust them.

Use Paypal or a one time use credit card number to prevent your host from charging you even after you cancel. We get a few reviews each week where a person can't get ahold of their host who is still charging them after they cancel. Small hosting companies might disappear and keep charging you but if you use Paypal or a one time use credit card number you hold the power!

Before you sign up for a host call them and/or get on live chat and make sure they are available and that they can answer some basic questions.

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