Linux Over Microsoft Windows

Linux Operating SystemThe price of the Windows operating system and other Microsoft products is high and could be the reason for the Linux Operating System gaining much popularity. But, it is not the matter of the price, the power, and the flexibility the Linux provides to the PC (Personal Computer) is the reason for its wide acceptability. The Linux also do provide fully functional desktop interface like Microsoft Windows and a complete set of Internet applications.

Common Features in All Linux Distros

Linux is an operating system that everybody can now use with ease and can enjoy working with its enormous features. A large number of Linux distributions are available, providing the GUI (Graphical User Interface) tools as front-ends to the underlying commands. Most distros under GNU (General Public License) provides:

  • the same standard desktop (GNOME & K-Desktop Environment KDE)
  • filters, commands and task operations
  • file system
  • network servers configuration
  • shell (BASH, TCSH, & Z-shell)
  • administration support
  • software applications such as office and multimedia, desktop applications, programming development tools, editors, word processors, Internet applications and specialized applications for graphics and sound

Linux used by various people, institutions, businesses, government agencies, researchers, and students for multiple purposes. Network administrators use the Linux multi-user system to serve many users, integrating them into a network. Thus provides users the security and networking features. In a business environment, PC desktops with necessary applications and security installed provided for essential operations.

The Linux resources, which include software, documentation, latest news, and tutorials, are available on thousands of websites. The operating system discussed in various seminars, webinars, forums, and multiple social media platforms and chats. From installation basics to complex applications, every resource is available on the Internet. The experienced Linux experts often use Linux shell environments or a command-line interface to manage files and entire system directly.

The Windows gain popularity earlier because of its user-interface and easy access to its system resources.

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