: Company Overview

When a person is eager to take his IT business to the higher level, Sevaa group is the right choice to solve his purpose. They work with every customer to design the perfect solution for their issues and exultant on keeping a strong channel of communication open throughout the process to ensure it is executed speedily and efficaciously. If a person needs help in expanding his business or just maintaining what he has, he requires visiting It offers a broad range of services to ensure online presence is continuous and fast. Utilizing the most current web technologies and frameworks, Sevaa group is the perfect fit for an individual’s online business needs.

Reliability & performance

From deciding on software and hardware for small business, office to planning for an enterprise level, business network, Sevaa group`s experience is priceless in making sure the right decision is made and executed effectively within budget. Through their partnerships with leading business providers including Microsoft, Cisco Systems, and many more, they make sure a person’s business is compliant and using the best tools for his industry. With so much of attention & services, it is a quite reliable & great performer for anyone.

Hosting plans

There are various hosting plans to manage IT business of a person. One of them is managed IT services through which they can solve day-to-day IT problems and let a person focus on his core business functions. Another one is network planning which let them work on network from the ground up or expand what`s already working for a person. Next plan is software licensing which makes sure that a person is using the best software for the job, he requires. If a person is planning to run a website and don`t need all the services of VPS or Colocation, then its shared hosting plan offers an excellent opportunity to save on cost with many benefits of an enterprise level hosting. It currently offers two shared hosting Plans, one for personal websites and the other one for business websites.

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Control panel & features

It offers the security and complete configuration of a person`s machine, Dedicated Hosting plan is competitively priced and backed by wonderful services. Business deserves to top class data centre storage for a person with separate servers; Sevaa group is present to render it to a customer. They keep servers safe and operational in their data centre in Atlanta, GA. It makes a person run his business effectively and maintain the control on his own. Drupal data migration is also available with


Continuous support through various means is there for 24/7. It is presently providing support through all means, like through help desk, email support, etc.

Pros & cons

It decides on software and hardware for smaller to bigger business, means it is for every type of business. A person needs to use its services once to find out trouble with it. It is advisable to go thoroughly through its terms & conditions.

Refund policy

Refund policy is there but with few terms & conditions. Therefore a person needs to check them properly.


From website designing to other aspects required for IT business, it renders services on software and hardware both parts, for smaller to bigger business, means it is for every type of IT business solution.