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Protecting Internet Connected Computers

The free websites use trackers to track your browsing history.


A firewall analyzes the traffic data or packets and stops malware. Windows 7 and 10 comes with built-in firewall software.
Application Firewall controls and monitors the input, output, and system calls that don't conform to the system's standard.

Ports Protection

netstat -a

to know the opened ports on a windows operating system. It's good to close unused ports to secure the computer from the hacker. Ports identify processes running on a computer and allow them to share a single physical connection. Well, known ports are:

File Transfer Protocol FTP 20, 21
Secure Shell SSH 22
Hypertext Transfer Protocol 80
IRC Chat 194
HTTPS Secure website via SSL 443

First 1024 ports are assigned for specific purposes and hence cannot be used for other purposes.

Ports 49152 to 65535 are considered private and firewall software flags them red as being used for malicious programs.


Continually backup data and information using backup and restoration software. In Windows 7 prepare system image on USB using Start -> Control Panel -> System and Security -> Backup your computer

Browser Protection

Browser records every image viewed or every website visited and stores a chunk of information in its cache, history, and cookies. The cookies allow the sites to remember settings and activities. Although at first glance, cookies seem harmless, as they personalize each website visited but has several drawbacks.

Using cookies the websites collect highly dedicated data, which few of such websites sell to the third-party advertisers. In Google Chrome, Settings -> Show Advanced Settings -> Content Settings, check on block third-party cookies and site data. Use Tools -> Clear browsing data to clear browsing and download history, emptying cache, deleting cookies and other sites plug-in data, clear saved passwords and autofill data and data from hosted apps.

Safe Internet Browsing

The browser provides the extension that automatically uses https when website visited, thus providing the first level of security.

“Beware of spurious websites, created to steal bank, PayPal or personal information”
Before providing any information online, properly check the URL, hackers often use the derivatives to confuse. The website looks similar to the authentic one.

WOT keeps the database of trusted websites providing the website reputation rating, for safe web search and browsing.
Peerblock keeps the database of malicious IP's and periodically updates them.

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